A review: Lilfox Jungle Glow

8 Jul

One of the latest Beauty Heroes boxes I’ve received in the last few months featured the brand Lilfox. The full sized product that was sent was the Lilfox Jungle Glow Enzyme Cleanser and Mask.

Boasting of organic ingredients including raw honey, maracuja oil, amazonian white clay, and raw cacao, this is a cleanser touted to exfoliate and stimulate the skin with honey enzymes.

This is not for the faint hearted. Also, I believe, this should not be an everyday cleanser. This should probably be treated (ha) as more of a treatment mask. Considering the price–$75USD–you probably wouldn’t actually want to use it everyday.

I said in my review about the Acure Cleanser that I’m in a bit of a slump with regards to cleansers at the moment. I know this is a superficial thing in the grand scheme of life, but Skincare is a thing I find joy in. I’m still yet to find an everyday cleanser that will fill that little hole that’s currently missing in my skincare regimen.

So, this cleanser. It is not one to use to remove makeup at all. This one, I’ve found, is best to use as a second cleanse, and more like an exfoliating mask. I made the mistake when I first got it of using it everyday. My face was not too pleased with this approach. I now use it on occasions when I feel like my face could use a good ‘scrub’ and pep up, much like any other enzyme mask that I use every now and then.

This is kind of a gooey texture, most probably due to the honey in it. It’s like gritty honey, if that makes sense. I find that it spreads better on damp skin and to be gentle, oh so gentle, with any circular motion to scrub the skin.

My face feels super soft after using this and, yes, glowy. After I’ve gone through the rest of my skincare regimen, I feel like a nourishing oil is really beneficial to really give my skin a treat.

Now, will I purchase this again once this one has run out? Probably not. I use a fair few exfoliating masks for a (slightly) cheaper price and I feel they do just as good a job at exfoliating and stimulating my skin. But I will enjoy it while I have it and especially now that I’ve figured out how to best use it.

Who doesn’t love a complexion that glows?


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