A review: Acure Facial Cleansing Creme

8 Jun

After using a few higher end cleansers recently that also haven’t really blown my socks off, I decided it was time to search for a more budget-friendly option. Sometimes you can find real gems even on the cheaper end of the scale.

I bought this cleanser from a relatively new site that I’ve discovered, Green Soul Traders, but can also be purchased from Nourished Life for $19.95AUD.

It’s advertised as a pore minimising cleanser for normal to dry skin that effectively cleans the face without stripping its natural oils. Sounds good, right?

I started using this they way I usually do–dry face, massaging in to remove any makeup or grossness from the day, then rinsing off and then cleansing again with a simple cleanser to remove any residue or just to ensure all the day’s grime has been vanquished. I’ve now started using this as my second cleanse in the evening, and also occasionally (mostly weekends) in the morning. It rinses off cleanly, and it leaves my skin feeling fresh.

Pros: First off, the packaging is the type that I appreciate, in that it’s in a squeezy tube so there’s no faff in trying to scoop any product out. It has a good consistency, the kind of creamy balmy texture that I really like in a cleanser.
The scent is also refreshing, but it also leads me into the cons…

Cons: This stings like a bi-atch if you get it into your eyes. To be fair, I’m sure it says on the packaging not to use it near your eyeballs, but I’m sure I read somewhere that it can be used to remove makeup. So, then eyes seem like a fairly reasonable thing to also have makeup on, yes? Also, I’m not sure how dry skins would get along with this because even I, as an oily-skinned human, feel like it does perhaps too good a job at cleaning and I need to definitely moisturise afterwards.

I find Acure to be a bit of a hit and miss brand for me. I did not like their dry shampoo, but I do love their CGF Repair Serum and enjoyed the sample sized Brightening Facial Scrub that my cousin gave me. I think, though, that this one won’t be a repurchase item for me.

I’m in a bit of a cleanser.. what’s the word… slump at the moment. I haven’t used a really good one in ages. I’m back using the REN No.1 Purity Cleansing balm which I do love, but its drawback is that it doesn’t emulsify and rinse off cleanly. My current mission is to find another cleanser that ticks all of my boxes, but also doesn’t break the bank.

Wish me luck.


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