A review: Mūn Akwi Cleanser

13 Apr

I’ve now mentioned quite a few times recently that I subscribe to an organic subscription box service called Beauty Heroes. Every month I get sent a full sized product and one or two ‘sidekicks’ that might be a mini of a product from the same brand, or a companion, like a washer with a face cleanser.

That is what I received when I got the box containing the Mūn Akwi Cleanser a few months back.

This is what I would describe as an oily cream cleanser with a slightly herbal, inoffensive scent. And, indeed, it is an oil-based cleanser designed to thoroughly cleanse and refresh the skin whilst keeping it within the appropriate pH range to suit basically anyone and everyone’s skin type.

As per my usual regimen, I pumped out somewhere between a 5c-10c piece blob of this and applied it to my dry face, into my eyelashes even and then either rinsed or used a washcloth to remove the product.

I guess, because this is more of a luxury-priced item, that it would have been more worthwhile using it as a ‘second’ cleanser, rather than using it to remove makeup. However, the most makeup I have on my face is some mineral powder. I didn’t find it to be overly effective at removing waterproof mascara though. My face did always feel smooth and refreshed after using this and my skin never felt parched. Cleansers stripping the skin is a pet peeve of mine, especially if they’re marketed towards suiting sensitive skins. The benefit of an oily cleanser is that it doesn’t strip the skin of its natural oils. I felt like I was in a good skin phase while I was using this.

Towards the end of the bottle, the pump gave up the ghost so I ended up having the bottle open on its side and pouring out the remnants until I finished it, which was one drawback…

I don’t really know what else I can tell you about this cleanser. It ran out a few weeks ago, so it’s not really fresh in my mind. I won’t be in a rush to buy it again. It wasn’t quite the consistency I prefer, but I think drier skins than mine would appreciate it more. It definitely wasn’t a bad product–quite lovely, in fact–it just didn’t knock my socks off. When you also consider that, if you’re buying it in Australia, you’ll be forking out a whopping $92, it’s a hell of an investment to make. For that price I’d be expecting to be wowed a bit more somehow.

As for the washer? I feel a washer is a washer is a washer. Always handy to have them around though.

The good thing about this beauty box subscription is, even though some items may not be your next favourite, you’re trialing a full-sized product, getting a real idea of how you feel about it, at a discounted price. It feels less of a waste that way.

I’m now using yet another cleanser sent from Beauty Heroes, and a more budget option from Acure. Jury’s still out on both of these though, but I shall update you at some point in the future.


One Response to “A review: Mūn Akwi Cleanser”

  1. Andrea : soulandheartbeauty 15/04/2017 at 2:05 pm #

    I’m still working through my bottle but I totally agree about not repurchasing. I’ve come across a couple of other cleansers at similar prices that I much prefer (usually balms). This was probably my least favourite box of the 16 months I’ve been subscribing.

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