My current skincare routine

6 Mar

Something happened to me the other day. A lady from work popped by my office to say hello and that she wanted to tell me how good my skin was looking. It looked very clear and glowy, so ‘well done’.

It made my heart happy.

Of course I was wearing a little blush and bronzer to give a little extra life to my complexion, but I am proud to say that I am currently experiencing what I call a “good skin moment”. I don’t like to jinx myself by boasting about these things because I inevitably sprout a pimple practically within hours of admiring how well my skin has been behaving.

So, I thought I’d share what I’ve been using on my skin lately and giving you a peek into my bathroom cabinet where I keep most of my skincare.


First I cleanse my skin. Lately I’ve been using the Aurelia Probiotic Miracle Cleanser, mainly because I received a different, more oily cleanser that I wanted to use in the evenings and was too impatient to use this one up before starting a new one. Logical, right? It actually just ran out so I’m back to using my trusty MooGoo Milk Cleanser. I have an itch to repurchase the Aurelia one though.
Then I tone my skin with my trusty Michael Todd Blue Green Algae Toner. I wonder at what point I will find a replacement for this toner?
Next, I use the 100% Pure Coffee Bean Eye Cream. This is an excellent budget buy and the best eye cream I’ve come across so far.
I then use the Acure EGF Serum. This has replaced my long-loved Hydraluron. I was looking to switch to a ‘greener’ brand, and this took my fancy during one of my late night shopping sprees on Nourished Life. I’m now just starting my second bottle of this.
Lastly, I use a moisturiser. I’m currently trying to finish off the Origins Vitazing Moisturiser, mainly because I’ve had the tube for probably two years now and I don’t like to waste things. Otherwise I use the MooGoo Full Cream Moisturiser, and on Sundays, because I wear no makeup, and I go to the markets in the morning, I’ve been using the MooGoo Anti-aging SPF 15 Moisturiser.

I received this Mūn Akwi Cleanser in a Beauty Heroes box a couple of months ago. I should probably do a separate review of this. Short version is that it’s quite luxe, and I think that drier complexions would love it.
Shout out to the toner again… and the eye cream. I had been using the Bottega Organica one, but it has sadly run out and I’m questioning trying to justify spending around $150 on eye cream even though I miss it.
For serum, I’ve been using the La Mav Brightening Serum. This smells zingy like lemons and has a lovely, fluid texture. I’m also onto my second bottle of this. I sometimes struggle with pigmentation and this seems to be doing a good job of keeping any residual pigmentation at bay.
Lastly, the oils. I’ve been using the Laurel oil for months now and it is almost the never-ending supply. Lovely oil, smells a bit like honey to me, but there is no hint of honey in the ingredients. Just a tonne of beautiful oils. Two nights a week, I use the Sunday Riley Luna oil: one mid week, the other on Saturday night, just for a pep up. I’ve just now also started using the Maya Chia oil, which is less viscous than the Laurel one, slightly more orange, smells beautiful and also contains a bunch of wonderful ingredients.

I’ve taken a liking to chemical exfoliating masks. I used to be all about the clay masks, but I’m noticing a big difference with these resurfacing masks. I’ve tried the Tata Harper one, which makes my eyes water thinking about buying the full size. I’ve just finished the Laurel Honey Berry Mask which, like the Tata Harper mask, is more on the gentle side of masks, but still makes a noticeable difference to my complexion. One of my favourite discoveries is thanks to my cousin for offloading her ‘excess’ before moving overseas. It’s the True Botanicals Resurfacing Moisture Mask. Boy, do you feel this one at work. The results are well worth it. Since the Laurel mask ran out, I’ve allowed myself to try out the REN Glycolactic Mask. It isn’t very tingly, but it is effective. I even slather a bit over my lips and it leaves them plump and smooth.
For when my skin is feeling congested, I have enjoyed the Josh Rosebrook Cacao Antioxidant Mask. This smells like Jaffas, which reminds me of a balm cleanser I tried years ago and haven’t managed to get a hold of again–the Stark Grapefruit Balm which has now apparently changed name to the Stark Aurora Balm. Mmm good memories.
Special shout out goes to the Origins Masks that I have used for a couple of years. The Clear Improvement Mask is a fairly heavy duty clay mask that draws out impurities. The Original Skin Mask is exfoliating and purifying, which I find is good for when your skin feels on the verge of some kind of freak out. Lastly, the Drink Up Intensive Mask is good for severely dehydrated skin. It’s a good one to use after a clay mask or if there is a change in weather and your skin feels tight and gross. Hiding somewhere is my Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey mask that I used to use on breakouts, but I haven’t been really suffering from those of late (fingers crossed).


And that, my friends, is what I’ve been using on my skin lately. Hope you found it interesting!


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