A review: Bottega Organica Illuminate Eye Contour Cream

19 Jan

In 2016, I signed up to the Beauty Heroes subscription box recommended to me by a cousin. It’s a higher end organic subscription that, every month, sends out a full-sized product along with a sample or two from the same brand. I’ve only had the subscription for six months and I’ve already been impressed with what I’ve got.


The September box was the Bottega Organica Illuminate Eye Contour Cream, and I’ve literally just scraped the last remnants out, so thought it was time to tell you about it. It retails for a whopping $145-ish USD although I can’t seem to find it on the Bottega Organica website at the moment(?). Combine the price and the fact that it only has a shelf life of two months unless you keep it in the fridge and you have a pretty expensive skincare item on your hands… well, eyes. Let’s all just take a moment and let that sink in…

The list of ingredients isn’t extensive, but it’s potent. I’d recommend having a look at their website to see what they’re all about–small batch processing and really good, pure, organic ingredients. That goes a way to explaining why their products are on the more pricey end of the scale.


I’ve been using the $100 Pure Caffeine Eye Cream for months now and I love it. It hydrates, de-puffs and doesn’t make my eye area feel tight. It is also a very budget-friendly purchase at around $45AUD for 30mL, not the usual 8-15mL you usually get for eye creams. Big bang for your buck. I’ve been on the search for the eye cream to end all eye creams for a couple of years now, and the 100% Pure one is the closest I’ve found. The question is, has the Bottega Organica one taken first place?

The instructions say to use a pea-sized amount morning and night after cleansing. I don’t know what kind of peas they’re growing in the US, but I found that to be way too much product for me. I’d say I used more like a fat grain of rice-sized amount(good with my ‘technical’ terms, huh?), which seemed plenty for both eyes, patting and smoothing underneath the eyes and around the orbital bone.

This has an interesting consistency, and would be how I imagine the Kiehl’s Avocado Eye Cream to be from what I’ve heard. It is balmy until you start working it into the skin and then it turns into this strangely (in a good way!) watery consistency that soaks into the skin. It is extremely hydrating and hasn’t left me wanting for more moisture after using it. In fact, it is so hydrating that the one morning I tried it out, it made my mascara smudgy. I ended up saving it for my evening skincare regimen. I kept it in the fridge to prolong its shelf life and, since it’s warmer here (read a bajillion degrees this Summer), it’s been especially refreshing putting this on in the evening.


I’m only 28 and I don’t exactly have crow’s feet or wrinkles yet although I am starting to notice a little ageing around the old eye area. I’ve decided that my using this was more of an age preventative measure rather that my having to combat the signs of ageing later on in life.

Genetics have a lot to do with how your under eyes look anyway–things like discolouration, sagging, puffiness. I am a puffy-eyed person. If I wake up tired or with a headache, my eyes are a dead giveaway. However, since using this, in the mornings I don’t seem as puffy (apart from dreaded headache days) and my eyes aren’t dry or crepe-y in any way. It’s pretty amazing.

In the past I’ve been somewhat underwhelmed by eye creams, but this one has been a pleasant surprise. I just don’t know whether I want to fork out so much money every few months for an eye cream. I’m all for investing in skincare, allowing for more expensive items if my budget allows, but where does one draw the line? I guess seeing as I can’t figure out where to buy it at the moment, that choice has been taken out of my hands for now. We’ll just see how much I miss it now that I don’t have any left.

I suspect it will be a lot.

Thanks, Beauty Heroes*, for introducing me to this product.

*referral link


4 Responses to “A review: Bottega Organica Illuminate Eye Contour Cream”

  1. Naturally Beautiful 16/06/2017 at 8:51 pm #

    Hi. I actually was kinda disappointed with the Illuminate Eye Cream i purchased.. I used it for several months with no visible results. And it was as greasy as they come, while label said that it would not grease you up. If you’re interested to read about my experience, please, visit http://naturallybeautiful.life/bottega-organica-eye-illuminate-eye-cream-review/

    By the way, Bottega doesn’t sell the cream anymore.. I think they figured it wasn’t as good as they claimed it would be… Unless resellers bought it all out…


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