A review: Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Miracle Cleanser

12 Dec

We all know I’m a sucker for cleansers by now and also have little self control when it comes to online shopping. I keep making pacts with myself not to make any unnecessary purchases and that I should finish up what I have before purchasing something new. But I don’t keep my promises to myself.

Enter, the Aurelia Miracle Cleanser. Once again, it was the British Beauty Bloggers that got me intrigued about this. Shortly before I moved for the second time this year, I partook in a little retail therapy and purchased this along with many other items that I didn’t necessarily need, but definitely wanted.


It’s touted as being formulated with 100% BioOrganic ingredients,and contains no parabens, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances and the like. It smells slightly herbal thanks to the eucalyptus, chamomile, rosemary and bergamot in it. Just the kind of herbal scent I like. It is supposed to be anti-aging and promote a healthy, dewy complexion whilst also cleansing the skin of impurities. With all of those claims, it’s no wonder that it’s been called the Miracle Cleanser!

From the first try I was impressed. I’ve used the Kate Somerville Goat Milk cleanser lately and it failed to knock my socks off with its formula’s tendency to kind of separate into both liquid and balm. This, however, left me wanting to wash my face all over again purely for the joy I felt massaging this all over my face. I know, my life is a bit sad when I consider washing my face to be the highlight of my day. I wouldn’t call it a balm cleanser, but it is more of a thick cream. While it doesn’t strip the skin of all its moisture leaving a scaly mess behind, I would say that drier skins possibly wouldn’t get along with it so much. Even I, with my greasy face, tend to feel the need to moisturise afterwards. It really feels like it’s purified my skin.

This cleanser came in a pot, which isn’t my favourite kind of packaging. I get a bit grossed out having to stick my fingers into pots. I much prefer tubes, but that’s just a personal preference.


In the evenings, as per my usual routine, I’ll scoop out a decent-sized blob of this and massage it into my dry face. People who wear heavier makeup than the small amount of mineral powder that I use would probably want to remove their makeup first and then use this as their ‘second cleanse’. I find this works sufficiently well to remove the small amount of powder and blush I use. Then I hop into the shower and rinse it off. Sometimes I just let it be and other times I’ll do a second cleanse with a simple cleanser just to get any remnants off.

I don’t know if I’d say it did totally miraculous things to my complexion. For the most part my skin behaves itself except when my hormones go a little haywire and I don’t eat the best foods. But, I do have fairly sensitive skin and this has kept everything in check. It feels very soothing while also purifying–the best of both worlds. And, as I said before, while I still feel the need to moisturise my skin after using it, it’s not like my skin is parched. I would say it’s a slightly more luxurious version of the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser, which I haven’t used for years, but have fond memories of.

My problem now is that I’m not exactly sure how much I paid for this, seeing as I bought it from a British website called Naturisimo and I have very little understanding of what the current exchange rate is and whether or not I had to pay tax on it. It’s definitely not a cheap product, so what I would call an investment skincare item. You can buy it at Cult Beauty here for £38 (minus sales tax if you’re outside the UK) and they also now have a super-sized option in a bottle with a pump(!) here.


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