A review: Fixaderm

11 Nov

I’ve had this strange rash on my legs and crappy lips for the past few months and for ages it seemed like nothing would make it better. On my lips I tried cold sore cream, tea tree oil, a lip mask (basically thick lip balm), calendula ointment, l-lysine lip balm, new lip balm. Basically I felt like I’d tried all the things but my lips were still crap and extremely sensitive. The rash on my legs spread and the only thing that seemed to stop it getting out of control was a mild steroid cream.


When it first started I thought I’d brewed a cold sore but a sore never actually appeared. Then I thought I’d developed an allergy to my beloved EOS Lip Balm that I’ve been using for, oh, would it be four years now? But I actually think it had something more to do with the fact that I’d been living in an extremely mouldy apartment for two months. All of my funky skin problems magically appeared around the same time as the mould in my bathroom did. My immune system was on high alert, so even the smallest hint of something irritating seemed to flare up what I now like to call my lip scabies*. And the rash on my legs? Some days it looked like it was on the mend then other days it still looked red and gross.


One of my favourite online stores to shop for natural products these days is Nourished Life, and it’s been advertising a little something called Fixaderm, which piqued my interest. You can read its blurb on the website, but it is basically touted as a one-stop-shop fix for skin irritations like insect bites, rashes, minor cuts and other skin ailments. Well, whatever the hell is wrong with my skin should surely fall into this broad spectrum of problems, right?


I started an experiment before I moved back into my old apartment. Instead of using the steroid cream that I’d been using for almost three weeks with little noticeable difference other than “it didn’t spread anywhere else”, I decided to use the Fixaderm instead. The instructions tell you to use it on clean, bare skin and to rub a drop or two in until it all absorbs. My leg started to look less crap within a pretty short amount of time.


I’m not entirely sure if this also has to do with the fact that I’m not surrounded by a crap tonne of mould and I’m waaay less stressed now that I’ve moved out of the doomed apartment. To cut a long story short, my ‘newly renovated’ apartment had a serious water leak problem which resulted in a mass mould outbreak and a caved in bathroom ceiling within about six weeks of me moving in. I had to live with mould and half a bathroom ceiling for almost two months before my real estate agent gave me the ok to move back into my old apartment, which has also now been renovated. I feel at ‘home’ now I’m back upstairs, but I still have this lingering doubt in my mind about how well things have been done. But anyway, back to the review.

What I like about this is that it doesn’t sting and there’s no real risk of putting too much on or too frequently during the day unlike steroid creams. I noticed with some of my other remedies and lip balms that my lips would immediately start burning and tingling. With the Fixaderm, I didn’t experience any irritation and it did actually calm down the situation. It is an oil and supposed to absorb into the skin in order for it to do its job, but I did still feel the need to put on some calendula ointment over the top on my lips during the particularly bad stage when my lips were basically peeling every few hours. It was pretty disgusting. Nowadays my lips are like 95%, but I have to be careful what lip products I put on them otherwise it’s sting-city. If ever I do accidentally upset my lips, I just whack a bit of the Fixaderm on and it seems to calm things down.


My leg rash is almost totally cleared up. Usually in the morning it looks really good, but as the day progresses it can sometimes look inflamed. It basically looks like the remnants of pigmentation, if that makes sense. There’s no longer any of the raised bumps, which is a good thing. The above photos are from a few weeks ago and the below photo is from this afternoon.


I haven’t yet tried it on other skin problems like pimples or insect bites yet, really, but I will definitely be trying it out in the future. I think it’s a fair priced little gem, this one, at $14.95AUD.

*not actual scabies.


2 Responses to “A review: Fixaderm”

  1. Andrea : soulandheartbeauty 13/11/2016 at 5:33 pm #

    From Nourished Life: “Developed by naturopath Peter Bamford and Dr Allen Sonter…” I’m pretty sure Dr Sonter is from Toowoomba (and sevvy). But glad to hear the scabies is healing up 🙂

    • bearinthere 13/11/2016 at 8:31 pm #

      Oh interesting! The surname Bamford is pretty familiar too. I’m also glad the scabies is healing up. I looked like the scabby kid for weeks and weeks!

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