A review: Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel

26 Sep

A couple of months ago, I got caught up in the hype of one of the curated Cult Beauty Boxes offered by our friends in England. In it was a full-sized Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel, which I had been wanting to get my paws on for a while. This seems to be one of those infamous cleansers around the beauty blogging world, so I was keen to see what all the enthusiasm was about.


When I first used it I was a little taken aback by its fragrance, which flashed me back to some weird blue liquid that my mother used to use on insect bites when I was a child. But, funky scent aside, which I’ve now become accustomed to, it’s actually a really lovely cleanser.

As the name would suggest, it is a gel, but more of an oily gel, if that makes sense. It has some substance to it and doesn’t immediately rub into nothing when you put it on your face. I use between one and two pumps depending on my mood and rub it into a dry face. Then I wet my face and rinse it off, sometimes using a washer (flannel) if I feel like it. It rinses off cleanly and doesn’t tend to leave any noticeable residue. I use it as my first cleanse in the evening since I don’t wear a lot of makeup–just a bit of mineral powder, eye shadow and blush–and it seems to remove this fine. But, I don’t know if it’s got enough oomph in it to break up particularly budge-proof mascara. It would probably be more suitable as a second cleanse after you’ve got all the crap off your face so that the lovely ingredients can get some actual contact with your skin.

Other people have mentioned this and I will too–there’s no real way to tell how much product you have left in the bottle as the container is opaque and doesn’t have a window on the side. You just have to guess by the weight and maybe the length of time you’ve had it that you might be due to run out soon. I’ve had this for probably three months now and it doesn’t seem to be close to empty yet, so it will last a good while.

I’m going through a good skin phase at the moment (which probably means I’ve just jinxed myself and a fresh crop of zits will appear in the next week). I would attribute this partly to the cleanser. It always leaves my skin feeling clean, fresh and plump. I haven’t experienced a tight feeling or an oil-stripped complexion after using it. I have accidentally got it in my eyes on a couple of occasions, which I wouldn’t recommend as it stings a bit, but that’s my bad.

Now, we Australian folk don’t really have the easiest access to this brand. I got mine from Cult Beauty as part of the curated box, but it is sold at £29.50 (roughly $51AUD, but I assume we wouldn’t end up paying tax and I have no idea what that amount is). Or, you can buy it off Beauty Bay for $43AUD.

I’m tossing up whether I can be arsed purchasing this again immediately. For some people it’s a holy grail product, but I am not sure if it’s reached that status for me. I’m probably a bit of a floozy when it comes to cleansers, always wanting to try something new. But, it’s a definite contender for a repurchase at some point in the future when the fancy takes me.

PS. Apologies for the photo quality. After moving I put my camera in a safe place, and I don’t remember what that safe place is. Plus I’m actually moving AGAIN back into my old unit. A story awaits…


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