The Joys of Moving

1 Jul

As I’ve mentioned several times now, I’ve had to move house. Turns out, after many weeks of radio silence from my real estate agent, that I was able to move into the refurbished unit in my block. I’ve basically moved down a flight of stairs. But, let me tell you, moving fridges downstairs can be terrifying and I still hate the whole moving process.

The move wasn’t completely smooth sailing. I wasted a lot of leave at work looking at other apartments around my area, got rejected from a couple, and then found out I was approved for downstairs. Then, once I’d moved in, the oven wasn’t working due to a switch being turned off, the internet didn’t work for a week, the hot water system that supplies the whole block broke, and the power to my current laundry got turned off. Ugh. It shouldn’t be this hard!

Now that things are startling to settle down, I’m feeling in a much better frame of mind. I spent two months being on edge, mentally and emotionally, and now everything is starting to feel ok.

I also celebrated my 28th birthday over the weekend (eek, late twenties) and decided to change up my hair a bit. I’ve gone balayage bright red, which has shocked a few of my friends and family. I feel like a modern version of Ariel from the Little Mermaid. We’ll see how long I can maintain it for. I guess I’ve done the clichĂ© thing of doing something drastic to one’s hair after a period of turmoil. At least I haven’t completely shaved it off or done something that’s permanent. The red will only last a few months. But yes, sometimes you just feel like you need to do something unexpected in order to claw back a little control in your life, you know?


Meanwhile, I haven’t completely finished unpacking. I keep walking into the spare room room of doom and just stare at the things still half in boxes there, not really knowing what to do with it all. It’s just stuff that doesn’t really have a home. What does one do with old electrical things that don’t work? Slowly but surely I will sort through it all and lighten my load a little.

So yes. A little bit of a rocky transition, as you can tell, but lately I’ve heard many a story similar to mine. As my mother told me when I was having one of my meltdowns, this is a normal life event that many people have gone through before and will be going through for the foreseeable future. A bit of a sucky event, but common nonetheless.

Talk soon!


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