A review: MOA The Green Balm

7 Apr

Well, hello there. I hope you guys are doing well. I, on the other hand, have had no internet for a week (now fixed), a broken washing machine, apparently no hot water today and computer problems. Winning at life!

But anyway, onto the review.

The Magic Organic Apothecary, aka MOA, is a British brand with a very select range of products. This brand has a very green focus, which I guess you can tell from the name of the particular product I’ll be reviewing today.


I did originally hear about this I think via A Model Recommends towards the end of last year. And, if you’ve been around Bearinthere for a while, you’d know that I am partial to balms.

I bought this late last year since I had probably run out of my usual choice of the REN No.1 Cleansing Balm and was on the lookout for something new. This isn’t strictly a cleansing balm, having multiple uses, but cleansing was what I was going to use it for.


In the evenings, I’ve been scooping out a generous pea-size amount of product and massaging it into my dry face. I can massage this over my eyes no problem, all around the face, and across my lips (if wearing lipstick). This breaks down makeup pretty well, and if I wore a lot of water-proof makeup, I would assume that it would take care of that easily. It’s very emollient and spreads easily as it heats up with the warmth of my hands and face. I’ll then wipe it away with a damp wash cloth and do a second cleanse with something else, just to remove any extra residue.

I think people with drier skin than mine would especially benefit from this. Although, me being such an oily creature, I never experienced any problems with it making my skin greasier or clogging any pores. It is actually a very balancing product and I guess the tea tree in it would contribute to that. This doesn’t wash off the skin completely (I tend to feel a slight film on my skin afterwards) but I have no problem with this. This is why I think dry skin would love it, because it feels like it’s leaving a protective layer on the skin without it feeling suffocated.


I also think this would be great in the Winter as a protective balm on any extra dry or chapped skin. You would only need a very small amount to cover any rough patches. A little goes a long way. All in all, it’s a good all-rounder product.

Mine is totally finished now, which makes me a bit sad. I will be trying a new cleansing balm next, but this MOA Green Balm is definitely a strong contender for a repurchase in the not too distant future.

I get mine from Nourished Life for $27.95 for 50mL.


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