Empties–products I’ve finished using #8

9 Feb

Why is it that it seems that as soon as one bottle of something is finished, about 17 others end within quick succession of one another? That’s how I feel about this current stash of product empties.


Let’s begin, shall we?


First up is the Pineapple Heads Shampoo and Conditioner. This is actually a brand aimed at kids, but I was having really bad issues with my scalp getting itchy, so I thought that a gentle shampoo and conditioner might be the solution. This did kind of stop my head from itching, but it didn’t lather particularly well, so I would use a lot in one go trying to cover my whole head. It was ok while it lasted and had a light, fruity scent, but I won’t be repurchasing.
Second is the Melrose Hemp Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. I have an inkling that I might have used this way back when I was still in high school. This stuff really did improve my scalp and hair. No longer did I get an itchy scalp, and my hair looked really shiny and didn’t get greasy super quickly. I tried to buy it again from my local health food store recently, but it was sadly out of stock. This will be one for me to look out for in the future after my current (MooGoo) shampoo and conditioner run out.


I bought these Deep Steep shower gels quite a while ago, probably in a late-night browsing stupor. The lavender one I preferred to use at night and the peppermint one was more of a weekend morning wake me up kind of situation. These lather really well. Like, really well. But I would always squeeze out a lot, which felt a little wasteful. The lavender scent wasn’t exactly what I would call a ‘real’ lavender smell, but it was still quite relaxing. The peppermint one is very zingy. I’m not in a particular hurry to repurchase these, but they were a pleasure to use while I had them.
Ahh my trusty MooGoo Milk Wash. This has been a staple in my home for the past six years. I often buy backups way before I’ve even got close to running out of it because I love it so much. I use it for shower gel and also for a morning facial cleanser. It lasts an age and is, I think, excellent value for money. It has a nice, soft, clean scent. I have so much love for this.


My REN No.1 Purity Cleanser ran out, with a little help from me slicing the container open. This is pricey stuff and I don’t want to waste it. As I think I’ve mentioned in a previous empties and maybe in my original review of it, this stuff is waaaay expensive, but beautiful. The only drawback for me (apart from the price tag) is that it can sting if you get it in your eyes.
I also finished off my Nude Cleansing Jelly, which I did a review on late last year. This is also super expensive, but one of those luxurious products that lives up to the hype. I sliced this tube open and scraped every last bit out of it, I loved it that much. I’ve also bought a replacement tube of it already, so I guess that shows that it impressed me.
I received a sample of the GlamGlow Powermud Dual Cleanser (not that you can tell from the photo). I took this with me on the few little getaways I went on late last year. This really feels like it’s getting deep down and doing something to your face without wreaking havoc at the same time. It has a fruity, maybe apple(?) scent too. However, at $86AUD for 50mL, this might just be too expensive for me to actually go out and purchase the full size option. Maybe I’ll get another sample of it in a future GWP…


This should just probably be categorised as the ‘Michael Todd Toners’ section. The little travel sizes are extremely handy for weekends away or short trips. I like to experiment with the different kinds, although, as you can see by the large bottle, the Blue Green Algae toner is still my favourite by far. I think what I love about these is that they don’t contain alcohol and don’t feel like they strip the skin at all. My face always feels comfortable after swiping this over after cleansing, not screaming out for some moisturiser. My skincare backups drawer is full of these ready to use.


Other Face Stuff:
I love me some Origins skincare. However, I have mixed feelings about the Modern Friction Instant Brightening Pads. I’ve tried these kinds of exfoliating swipes on and off for a few years and quite like the convenience. However, alcohol denat was one of the first few ingredients listed and the fumes would burn my eyeballs while I was using them. I’ve heard it said that because of the nature of chemical exfoliants, that sometimes denatured alcohol is a necessary ingredient, but I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be so high up the list? Anyway, aside from the burning eyeballs issue, I think these did have a noticeable effect on my complexion. But they did also kind of make my face feel a little prickly, so I think I will stick to more gentle kinds of chemical exfoliants from now on.
The Original Skin serum is my favourite of the three Origins serums that I’ve tried in the past couple of years. I think it sits somewhere in the middle of the two others in consistensy–neither too runny, nor too viscous. I find that I need a pump and a half to two pumps to cover my face, neck and décolleté and I think it does great things for my complexion. I’m already onto my second tube of it.
The Hydraluron serum is also one of my tried and true serums. It’s a no-fuss kind of serum that adds some hydration to the skin without trying to do anything else too crazy. I use it every morning. In fact, I’ve recently finished a second tube of this and cracked open a new one and already bought a backup. Can you tell I’m obsessed?


I’ve probably previously mentioned my quest to find an eye cream that blows me away. In these two, I think I’ve come pretty close. The 100% Pure one lasted me forever because it was a 30mL tube, which is the same amount of product that you would get for a face serum. Considering the amount of eye cream one would use compared to the amount of face serum, you can imagine that this tube would last an age. This eye cream smells like chocolate wafers. Delicious. It is hydrating, absorbs easily, and feels like it might actually be doing something. I will be purchasing a new one after my current eye cream that I’m trying out finishes.
The Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye Cream could basically be summed up the same way as the 100% Pure one. I used this at night time and felt like it was actually hydrating. This is another one that I’ll keep an eye out for in the future.


I only use one deodorant and that is the MooGoo one. I’ve been so traumatised in the past trying other natural deodorants that I’m too scared to try any new ones. This one has a very, very faint scent of lemon myrtle, and for this I love it. I don’t want scented armpits–my armpits reject scent, natural or otherwise. So, I will probably use this deodorant forever. The only downside? I think it becomes less effective as you near the end of the bottle, but nothing too dramatic.


OK, so it may have been this point that I realised I’d left some empty tubes of stuff in my bedroom on the floor. My 100% Pure Nourishing Body Cream in the Orange scent ran out. I liked this scent for the warmer weather and also for the fact that it was a little runnier than the others that I’ve had, so less cloying. I still have the coconut one left to use, but because I have a slight problem with the scent, might give it away. I will be repurchasing the Vanilla one in the not too distant future as it was my ultimate favourite.
I may only be in my twenties, but you can always get in early with the anti-ageing skincare, right? This is one of the more expensive moisturisers in MooGoo’s range but it is lovely. It is very hydrating and did my skin good. But I kind of go on a rotation with the MooGoo moisturisers selection these days, seeing as my skin is no longer in an angry, acne-prone state. I will definitely repurchase this in the future.


The Antipodes Joyous Protein Rich Serum was a nice addition to my Winter Skincare routine last year. It always made my skin feel calm and never did anything funky to my skin. It kind of went a bit goopy and crystalised at the end, but I enjoyed it while I had it. I didn’t particularly enjoy the scent, though, which is a common problem for me due to my strange dislike of many smells. I am still using my ridiculously expensive Sunday Riley Oil now, so won’t be looking to repurchase the Antipodes one.
My never ending search for sleep aids brings me to lucky last, the This Works Sleep Plus Pillow Spray. This is like the more expensive, more serious older sister of the normal This Works Pillow Spray. They do have a slightly different scent and I do find it calming, although I’m not sure if this is to do with the product, or because of some placebo effect, or even just getting myself into a bedtime routine of spraying this stuff on. In any case, I’ve replaced it recently and have been enjoying spritzing this around me in the evening.

Whew. All done and dusted! Talk soon 🙂


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