Empties–products I’ve finished using #7

9 Nov

Well… It appears I let this collection of empties get a bit out of hand. WHOOPS.


It’s time to have a clear out and let me give you some feedback on the things I’ve used up in the past… however many months it’s been. Make a nice, hot drink, sit down and get comfortable because we have a lot to get through.


Hair Stuff:

Ugh. Hair. I’ve had a lot of issues with my hair… well, scalp, really… this year. I’ve been getting a really itchy scalp and I’ve been trying gentle shampoos, but I still have the itchy patches. Grossy, huh? Think about how I feel!
I tried this dry shampoo for Garnier and really didn’t like it. The smell was too overpowering and my hair would feel gritty and gross when I used it. I also briefly used a Pantene Dry Shampoo, which I also hated. The spray on it ended up breaking it so I just threw it away. I’m currently using a Colab one, but the scent is also quite strong albeit more pleasant than the previous two I’ve tried. I am seriously considering trying two natural brands and seeing how I fare with those instead.
Next we have two shampoos that are for irritated scalps because of the, you know, itchy scalp situation. The Green People shampoo felt like it stripped my hair and I didn’t really get along with it too well. The Weleda Shampoo, however, has been the best one I’ve tried so far. The only problem is that it’s difficult to lather, being sulphate-free, and I would use a lot of it in one go. However, lathering issues aside, I will be replacing in the not-too-distant future.


Body Stuff:
I’m normally one to make my own body scrubs out of sugar and coconut oil, but on two occasions I ‘splurged’ and bought these two scrubs. The first is the Soap & Glory Smoothie Star scrub. Actually, I think it’s since been repackaged and is called the Breakfast Smoothie. This smells like maple syrup and breakfast sweetness, and was really lovely to use. But, now that the weather is warmer, I’m after a more zingy scent rather than a sweet, comforting scent. It’s a good buy for Winter.
Speaking of zingy, the other scrub is the Jar Body ‘California’ Body Scrub. This one is scented with lime, grapefruit and orange and is so zesty and refreshing. This one you scoop a bit out into your hand, dampen slightly with water to make it grip your skin better and then scrub away. I really liked this and I believe a lot of other people like this particular flavour as it had been sold out for ages on Nourished Life. I think I will buy another of these this Summer as a treat to myself.
Lastly there is my beloved 100% Pure Body Lotion in Vanilla. I did a review on this lotion a couple of weeks back if you want to read more here. It needs to come back in stock.


MooGoo Stuff:
MooGoo skincare is a permanent fixture in my skincare regimen. I’ve been using it for over five years and I don’t see this changing any time soon.
We have two cleansing oils here. Cleansing oils aren’t my favourite to use–I prefer either balm or cream–however I decided to give both of these a go seeing as the last time I’d tried one was way back in the beginning when my skin was a law unto itself. I preferred the smell of the oil for ‘normal’ skin compared to the combination skin. The combination one had a bit of a strange herbal aroma, but nothing off-putting enough for me to stop using it. Oil cleansers are great for removing eye makeup and never leave your skin feeling parched. My skin always felt plump and nourished after using these. I may purchase these in the future, but for now I’m happy experimenting with balm cleansers.
I have two moisturisers. I thought I’d venture away from the Acne Cleansing Cream seeing as my skin no longer wants to have a party. It has been an age since I finished the brightening cream, but I’m pretty sure it was nice. I’ve more recently purchased the anti-aging cream. I’m at the ripe of age of 27, so it’s not actually necessary for me to be using anti-aging stuff, but hey, pre-emptive measures are better than dealing with a problem after the fact, right? I’ve liked this moisturiser and am actually onto my second tube(?) of it now. It is markedly more expensive than the acne cleansing cream, but I think this is due to the ingredients. I say ‘more expensive’ when it is about $35AUD compared to the $18.50AUD I would spend on my old fave, the Acne Cleansing Cream. Still a remarkably affordable product for something that lasts for months.


Origins Stuff:
I am a fan of Origins serums as you may be able to see. Although it is marketed as a more ‘botanical/natural’ brand, I’m not entirely convinced that it is has most ‘green’ ingredients. However, I still don’t mind using it. I’ve been through two of the mega bright serum.. possibly three. I’d been alternating purchasing this with the Plantscription serum. The Mega Bright seems more grippy than the Plantscription and is aimed more towards brightening (duh) the skin. The Plantscription serum has more slip to it and I think is aimed more towards hydration and anti-ageing. I like both. However, I’ve just started using the Original Skin serum and I think this one might be my favourite of the three. I’ve noticed a definite difference in the texture of my skin since I’ve started using it.
There is the A Perfect World for Eyes eye cream in there too. This one also had a slippery texture–I suspect this had silicones in it to give it that feel. I wasn’t a die hard fan of this, so probably won’t purchase it again. I’m still waiting to find an eye cream that blows me away.
Lastly, right at the front there, is a little sample of the Plantscription moisturiser. I liked this but not more than my MooGoo moisturisers. Although, the sample was handy when I was in between moisturisers and desperate for something to tide me over until I got my new MooGoo moisturiser.


Nourish Stuff:
I bought these two serums on a whim when I ran out of my usual Hydraluron. These were both nice. The Rejuvinating Peptide serum is hydrating and probably more suited to a more mature and/or drier skin than mine. The Nutritious Peptide serum is aimed more at combination skin like mine. Both of these smelled really lovely and fruity, and performed well, but I didn’t like them enough to want to purchase them in the future. They were both more of a watery gel texture like Hydraluron, and sank into my skin well, but I kind of just ended up missing my Hydraluron.


REN Stuff:
I won’t dwell on these for too long. I did a review on the Clear Calm Cleanser here. The Rosa Centifolia Hot Cloth Cleanser was a bit too rich for my oily skin. Strangely enough, I still prefer a balm to cream cleansers even though one would imagine that a balm would be more cloying on the skin than a cream? Maybe I’m just weird. But anyway, I think I was expecting the hot cloth cleanser to be like the Liz Earle one, but it definitely wasn’t similar. Plus I have issues with the REN products in the pump action packaging, as you may be able to tell from the photo. So far, the only cleanser that I’ve bought more than once from REN is the No.1 Purity Cleansing, which will probably pop up in my next empties. Why does it have to be so expensive??? *cries*


Michael Todd Stuff:
Aaaah Michael Todd Organics Toners. These, apart from another toner that I’ll mention later, are probably the only toners that I’ve ever liked using. I recently made a bulk order of these, and I mean BULK. This was my last big container of the stuff so I’ve basically just ordered a year or more’s supply of it while a sale was on. So, as you can tell from my excessive spending on it, I love it. It’s alcohol-free, doesn’t have an overpowering or offensive scent, never leaves my skin crying because I’ve stripped it of its natural oils, and I think it helps control blemishes.
Then we have the Milk & Honey Firming Mask, which I mentioned in a previous post. I did like this mask as a pick-me-up when my skin was having a bit of a lacklustre moment. However, I’ve since discovered a new mask from Origins that I’m loving more than this. I probably won’t repurchase, but I did enjoy using it while I had it.
There’s also the deluxe sample size of the Tropical Fruit Enzyme Exfoliant Scrub. This exfoliated in two ways: the enzyme action and also little scrubby beads. I am a bit iffy about the scrubby beads (keep hearing about plastic microbeads and how bad they are), but could also feel the enzymes tingling away. I tend to steer clear of manual exfoliation these days anyway because I can get a bit too excited and scrub the shizz out of my face (probably why I like body scrubs so much), but also because my main form of exfoliation is chemical exfoliation.
Lastly, the Skin Loving Towelettes that I used maybe fewer than 10 of and then promptly forgot I had them and accidentally let them dry out. I did use these after my flights to the US last year to clean my face from the plane grime that I seem to accumulate, but I didn’t love them. I wasn’t exactly disappointed that they’d dried out and I don’t think I bought them, from memory. I think they were like a gift with purchase one of the last times I made a bulk toner purchase.


Other Skincare Stuff:
There’s a sample tube of the Antipodes Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream. This was way too rich for my greasy skin, so I think I ended up using this as hand moisturiser, or for my legs. I also found the smell to be a bit off-putting, but I figure most people wouldn’t have a problem.
Another sample moisturiser that I had a problem with the smell of was the Philosophy Hope in a Jar moisturiser. I believe this has quite the cult status, and it was a lovely cream, but I couldn’t really get past the smell, and I am super loyal to my MooGoo moisturisers.
Then we have the 100% Pure Brightening Toner. This is currently sold out on Nourished Life, so I haven’t been able to repurchase it. I do actually like this as it doesn’t strip my skin and has a brightening effect on my complexion. Soon I will replace this.
Then we have the Go-To Exfoliating Swipeys. These are like the FAB radiance pads and many other tubs of single use pads that are pre-soaked in a chemical exfoliant. I think I will repurchase these as I am currently using some ones from Origin that, although I think they’re making a difference to my complexion, have a high alcohol content and make my eyes sting like a mofo, which I’m not particularly cool with. I think also that I am going to reinvestigate the FAB ones as it has been a few years since I tried them last.


Sleep Stuff:
I’ve struggled with sleep for a good portion of my life. I can’t actually remember the last time I’ve slept solidly for more than four hours in a row (no thanks to my cat). So I’m willing to try a few things out to see if they make a difference in the ease and amount of time it takes me to get to sleep at night. I don’t know if these two products were actually effective in getting me to sleep faster at night. It could have been a placebo effect, but they had a bit of a calming effect. I’ve since bought the This Works Pillow Spray+ and I think I prefer it to the original formula, even though I don’t perhaps like the scent as much. But hey, if it helps me sleep, it’s good, right?

Whew. I think we’re finally all done. It was so satisfying putting all of these empties into my recycling bin. I don’t think I’ll let the Empties get this out of control again before I do another one, which I have already started accumulating!

Talk soon!


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