Winter Skin Loves

23 Aug

I’ve been having a bit of a love affair with face oils and a particular hydration mask recently. The turn in weather to the more cold and dry side of things has meant that my usually oily/combination skin has become a lot drier around the cheek area, but still quite oily down the T-zone… The best kind of combination. Not.

Enter stage these recent additions to my skincare line up.


First is the 100% Pure Super Fruits Concentrated Serum Oil. Since my birthday, I’ve kind of decided to jump onto the anti-aging train, even though I am yet to experience things like wrinkles and visible sun damage. I am actually only 27. However, I feel like if I pre-empt these ‘aging’ signs, then maybe I will have better skin in the future. We can only hope. Well, this oil is rather beautiful. It smells fruity and a little goes a long way. This doesn’t absorb too quickly into the skin, but it does leave it feeling really hydrated and nourished. At $59.95AUD, this isn’t on the cheaper end of the serum scale, but I would definitely say it’s worth it. A little will go a long way, so it will last a really long time.


Next is the Sunday Riley Artemis Face Oil. This is sssuuuuupppeeeer expensive and I didn’t actually buy it for myself. I received it as a birthday present from my lovely co-worker after her trip to Hawaii in June. Because of its hefty price tag, I’m trying to ration this out to make it last longer. I will only use this twice a week, using a couple of drops and pressing it into my face shortly before I go to bed. In the morning, I do notice a difference in the texture and plumpness of my skin, so it is actually doing something good. The one downside, apart from having to sell your soul to pay for it, is that it doesn’t have the most pleasant smell. However, it’s not enough of a discouragement to make me not want to use it, if that makes sense. I’m just going to have to wait for the bottle to finish to see whether I can justify purchasing it again for, *cough* $105AUD for 30mL. Perhaps I’ll have to start saving my dollars now…

Then we have the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate (sorry, no photo). I’ve been hearing this stuff’s merits for years now, and it was only on my trip to Melbourne last month that I finally decided to try it. I’d received a few samples of it after purchasing an eye cream a while back so, taking advantage of the sample, I decided to try it out. Well, my skin seems to really love it. I’ve heard that lavender essential oil can be an irritant for certain skins, but mine seemed to really love the stuff. It seems to perform like some kind of skin rescuer, in that if your skin is having a bit of a freak out, this will somehow magically fix whatever is happening. My skin tends to rebel when I travel, but my skin looked pretty great over that weekend, even if I may say so myself. I could find it at Myer for $61AUD, which I just might do next time Winter rolls around. In the meantime, I’ve got another two samples of it floating around in my bag of travel goodies.


Lastly is this Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask. Having skin that is more oily than not, I’ve been very wary of trying this for many months, fearing a grease overload. I bit the bullet a month or so ago, probably during one of my many moments of weakness I have whenever I enter a Mecca store, and have actually really loved it. The texture actually surprised me and it still does every time I squeeze a bit out of the tube. For some reason I keep expecting it to be a clear gel consistency, but it’s more of a cream. I use this predominantly on my cheeks where I feel the most dehydrated and then rub in any excess down my neck, across my forehead and teeny bit on the nose. My forehead and nose are the areas where I don’t want to feel too moisturised. The instructions say to tissue off any excess, but I make sure I only use a small amount in targeted areas, so never feel the need to wipe any excess off. Again, I always wake up to plump, fresh skin and I’m really pleased with this. And the delicious peachy/apricoty smell that it has is an extra bonus. It will cost you $34AUD for 100mL–a bargain compared to the others.

Looking at all this, I’m pretty sure my complexion is set for a good long while. I’ve actually been pretty pleased with how it’s been behaving lately, despite the many bad dietary choices I’ve made recently. Thank goodness for hero oil products, hey?


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