When a Cold Strikes

11 Jun

Last week I managed to catch a cold. I was probably due for some kind of sickness. It seems that after a long period of stress, when your body and mind finally realise it’s time to relax, BAM! A cold strikes.

You know how when you get a cold, you simultaneously feel really dehydrated, but somehow still manage to produce so much goo? Disgusting, I know. My skin and eyes just shrivelled up from dehydration. But a few products helped me feel less disgusting and I thought I would share them with you.


I thought I needed a moisture mask of some description. I couldn’t actually find the one I wanted, which was a sachet of some Greek branded mask. Instead, I used the Michael Todd Milk + Honey Firming Mask. This is the kind of mask that you would use if your skin is in need of a bit of a pep up. It’s not harsh in any way. It just kind of resets the skin and gives it a burst of hydration. I used this two nights in a row and I think my face thanked me for it.

Then we have the Antipodes Joyous Protein-Rich Night Replenish Serum. To me this feels like more of a dry oil situation rather than a serum, but I’m no expert. I use this whenever my skin is feeling dry and on the verge of some kind of freak out. Sometimes my skin feels prickly and this stuff is like some sort of miracle-worker and makes everything better. Because my skin was feeling particularly gross while I was sick, I piled this on at night time to replenish my moisture levels.

I am not entirely sure how I came to have this Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil. I don’t even know what a Maracuja plant is (oh, Google tells me it’s passionfruit!). It was probably an aisle of doom purchase during one of the three excursions into Sephora I went on while I was in America last year. Anyway, back to the topic. The skin around my eye area was especially dry while I was sick, so I just rolled this around my orbital bone and let it do its magic. As a side note too: I’ve been using this daily on my surgery scars and they’re looking pretty damn good after two months, so I’m pretty impressed.

Lastly, the wonder that is the EOS Lip Balm. With all colds comes the inevitable mouth-breathing and, of course, a dry throat and lips. My lips shrivelled up and this lip balm did wonders. It has a very waxy texture that I like because I know it’s not just going to come off in the next twenty minutes. It sticks around and the minty scent is an added bonus. I actually use this almost exclusively as my dedicated lip balm every day anyway.

I’m basically over the cold now, thank goodness. My skin is actually looking surprisingly ok after being sick. I just have a teeny pimple under my nose as a parting gift (thanks, runny nose).

If you’re feeling under the weather, I hope you start feeling better soon. Remember to stay hydrated and give your skin a little extra love.


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