An Autumn “Spring” Clean

30 Apr

You know how last month I said that I’d been feeling crap-tastic lately? Towards the end of March I had an unexpected trip to Emergency at a hospital near my home where I finally got an answer as to why I’ve felt like shizz for about the past twelve months. It turns out I had a bunch of cysts on my left ovary that were causing me significant pain. Thanks, female human body.

I had to have surgery to remove all the cysts and the recovery was a lot longer than I anticipated. Now I feel like the entire month of April has been stolen from me. I have not been well for quite a few weeks and, as a consequence, have lost all track of time.

Now that I am on the mend though, I should be able to get back into the swing of things and actually might be in a better mindset to post more regularly here. I’m feeling that this blog needs a bit of a makeover seeing as I’ve had the same layout since it was created however many years ago. Is it three years? I can’t even remember.

Speaking of things that have been hanging around for a few years, I decided to do a bit of a makeup clear out. I had a few items in my makeup shoebox (yes, my makeup is stored in a shoebox in a drawer) that had either expired or dried out, so I decided to clean it out. There were also products that I never really got on with that had to go. I’ll probably do a post on that in the next week or so because there were a few good items in there.

As someone who sometimes struggles to throw things out, it has been a cathartic experience to really think about the things that I use on a regular basis and letting go of the things I don’t. I’m also gradually clearing out my closet of clothing that I don’t wear anymore. I have far too many clothes and, as the seasons are starting to change now, it is a good opportunity to clear out. Then, I should be able to have a better idea of what I’m actually missing or lacking in my wardrobe and then restock from there.

Sometimes it’s good to have a clear out. It kind of resets your mind and you feel much better for it. That’s what I’m hoping will happen for me.

Do you feel better when you do a Spring Clean?


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