A review: REN Clearcalm Clay Cleanser

7 Jan

Let me introduce you to the latest cleanser that I’ve been using: REN’s Clearcalm Clay Cleanser.


When I got back from my holiday in America in July, even after spending probably definitely too much money in Sephora, I got a little bit giddy in one of my local Mecca stores and bought a whole load of skincare. Amongst these items was the Clearcalm Clay Cleanser from REN.

I haven’t really struggled too much with crap-tastic skin for a few years now, but I was still intrigued to see if this cleanser would settle my skin down if it was having the occasional freak out.

In the evening, as per my usual routine, I squirt a pump of this onto my hands and then massage it into my dry face that is still covered in the day’s makeup. I sometimes let this sit on my face for a minute or so before I wash it off and do a second cleanse with my MooGoo cleanser just to make sure I don’t have any residue left on my skin.

As the name would suggest, this has a clay mask-like texture yet still feels quite creamy. Unfortunately, it smells a bit like what I imagine stagnant ponds to smell like–kind of earthy, but damp and musty too. Aside from the slightly funky scent, which I can certainly overlook, it feels gentle on the skin and doesn’t strip it of all of its natural oils. My skin feels clean, fresh and supple after washing my face with it, but it does feel the need for a little moisture replenishment.

I don’t think this is very effective for removing makeup and I guess that’s not really its purpose. Those who wear heavy or waterproof eye makeup will probably want to remove that before they cleanse their face with this. As I mentioned above, I use this on my face with the day’s makeup and grime still on it, but I generally wear a light dusting of mineral powder and a lick of mascara on a daily basis. I don’t tend to struggle too much with makeup removal, but I also cleanse my face twice in the evening.

In terms of whether it’s made any overall difference to my skin, I can’t really say either way. My skin has maintained its generally spot-free, happy complexion excepting those few hormonal blemishes that tend to make an appearance, and what I called ‘punishment pimples’ when I haven’t been eating the right food (like all the Christmas indulgences I ate recently). When the odd blemish did appear, they weren’t angry and they didn’t linger for a long period, and I would say that that would be thanks to the calming aspect of the cleanser.

All in all, I guess I’m not really wowed by this cleanser. At $36 for 200mL, it is certainly a more affordable price (per mL) than some of REN’s other cleansers. For example, the No1 Purity Cleansing Balm (which I love) is $46 for just 100mL. But I just feel a bit meh about it. I won’t be in a rush to repurchase this–I’ll be investigating other cleansers for a while.

Have you tried this cleanser? What did you think of it?


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