Happy New Year

31 Dec

What are you guys up to for New Year?


I am usually the one that will grudgingly stay up until midnight to see the fireworks and then immediately bail from any social gathering to go to bed. I’m like an 87 year old woman that has to go to bed before midnight or otherwise I get really, really grumpy the next day. Yes, I am the life of the party. HA. Not really.

This year I’m spending the night up the coast with my sister and a few girl friends from school. We are going to be so wild… by spending the night eating tacos and probably playing some boardgames. We sure know how to party.

This is the time of year when everyone usually reflects on the past twelve months and then makes resolutions for the next twelve–new beginnings and all that jazz. Me? I don’t tend to make resolutions as I am one really unambitious at the best of times and a really good procrastinator. Last year I think I made a half-assed resolution to be happier, but I haven’t exactly succeeded with that.

The other morning a friend messaged me asking me what my New Year’s Resolutions were and then proceeded to ask if I wanted to go horse riding with her. I wasn’t sure if she was hoping that horse riding was on my list of resolutions too. I’ve actually been horse riding before in my life, and I’m not exactly champing at the bit (ha, I’m hilarious) to do it again, although I will keep my friend company if she wants a companion.

I’ve kind of already started a new resolution, and that is to start going to yoga classes. I’m hoping that I will become more flexible and strong, and therefore less prone to debilitating headaches, which I unfortunately suffer from on a fairly regular basis. I’ve already been to three classes and embarrassed myself in each one–my body is definitely not able to bend in certain shapes yet. But where is the fun if you can’t laugh a little at yourself? I like a bit of laughter in my life, even if it is at my expense.

I’ve also started trying Pilates by watching videos on YouTube. Pilates is deceptively hard. Hopefully if I stick with it, I will become less squishy and more toned. Because, while I am quite slender, I am not very fit or strong.

I guess they could count as resolutions even if I started them in December of this year, right? Other than that I’m not looking towards making any grand goals for the future–the big things tend to be unattainable, but the smaller goals where you can meet little milestones seem like a much easier and satisfying option. All these things ought to be an aim to make the future a bit happier and healthier.

I hope while you are reflecting on the past year that you find many good things that stand out and hopefully they will outweigh anything bad that has happened. This past year hasn’t been a happy one for me, but I can find plenty of little blessings and happy things that have happened throughout the past twelve months. Here’s to hoping that next year brings us all happiness, adventures, love and health.

Happy New Year, everyone! Stay safe and I’ll see you next year!


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