Empties–products I’ve finished using #6

2 Dec

I was putting in a new empty bottle into the Christmas gift bag that I’ve been stashing my empties in for the past few months when I realised that it was starting to overflow and had to transfer all the empty containers into another gift bag just to hold everything.


This, I thought, is a sign that I’m due to do another Empties post. It is literally a mixed bag, with everything from eye cream to shampoos in the post, so let’s get started.


Hair stuff: I think I’ve had a solid six months of not being super impressed with my shampoos. This Schwarzkopf one came as a freeby when I bought a mini cloud9 straightener earlier in the year (for my fringe). This didn’t excite me. Then I had this set of Eleven Shampoo and Conditioner. Both are around the $25AUD mark and these will last you a good few months, as they’re very concentrated. I don’t think my scalp really liked the shampoo–it would often get itchy and also left a fair bit of residue hanging around (or maybe I don’t rinse well enough?). These also contained sulphates, so the first time I dyed my hair this year, the colour faded pretty significantly and quickly. So, yeah. I probably wouldn’t repurchase either of those.

Teeth/Mouth stuff: Confession time. I don’t like mouth wash. I don’t like the way it makes my mouth feel like its on fire. There’s also the questionable ingredients in it. So, a couple of months back I decided on a whim to buy the Jason Power Smile mouth wash, which is supposed to be a more natural brand. This tasted a bit funky and left a weird aftertaste in my mouth, so I won’t be buying this again. I just don’t think mouth wash and I are meant to be.
The Oral B Satin Tape dental floss, on the other hand, is by far the best dental floss I have ever used. It wasn’t until last year when I had to have five fillings that I was finally scared into flossing everyday. I know, I know. That’s pretty gross. I used to hate normal dental floss because it felt like it would catch and fray in my teeth, but this tape has changed everything. I will never need to try another brand ever again and now I feel guilty if I don’t floss everyday.


Shower gel: I don’t use shower gels very often anymore as I’m not a fan of sulphates in my soaps. But, I bought this Bath and Body Works Beautiful Day shower gel when I was on my holiday in the US and fell in love with the fresh apple-y scent. My cousin gave me the Warm Vanilla Sugar one, as her skin didn’t agree with it. My skin had no problems but, aside from the scent, I wasn’t too blown away with these. Besides, I can’t actually get these products in Australia anyway.

Cleansers: Let’s start with the two Clarins cleansers. I’ve written before about Clarins–I’m not a fan. These two came in a gift set that someone gave me before I went on holidays to the States. I find Clarins products to be too heavily scented and they also make my eyes sting like a mofo. I ended up using the Gentle Foaming Cleanser on my back just to use it up and not feely guilty about not using a gift. It may be gentle, but my skin felt squeaky clean and not in a good way. It feels like it strips all the good oils from the skin.
I finished the Go-To Cleanser a while back and wrote a review on it. I miss how it rinses off cleanly with no residue and doesn’t strip the skin. I feel a repurchase is in the cards in the not too distant future.
Lastly is the REN No.1 Purity Cleansing Balm. Well, I have half of the packaging left–I cut it open to make sure I got every last bit out because it is expensive. It’s definitely a luxury item at $46 for 100mL. I tried this out a couple of years back and wrote a review back then raving about it. The packaging has changed, but I still struggled with it. The only other downside is that it does sting my eyes a bit, so if you try it, don’t go too crazy rubbing it into your eyes. It’s more easily accessible now. I bought mine from Mecca. This is more a Winter skincare item for me as it is a thicker, more moisturising product.


Face Masks:First up is the Aesop Parsley Seed mask. I wrote a review about this back in September. I did like this mask, but I didn’t particularly like the scent of it. A repurchase may happen in the future, but I’m not rushing out to get a replacement tube.
Second is the Michael Todd Pumpkin Mask, which I’ve also reviewed recently. I quite like this mask, but as I have a few other chemical exfoliants floating around my drawers at the moment, I won’t be repurchasing it for a while.

Eye creams: I think these two have convinced me that eye creams aren’t a dud inclusion into my skincare regimen. First is the Origins Ginzing Eye Cream. This is a kind of gel/cream hybrid with a teeny bit of something shimmery in it and it does wonders at brightening the eye area. Mine ran out a few weeks ago and I already miss it. After I finish my current (different) eye cream, it will be back to Mecca for me to buy a replacement. It’s a more pricey item at $39AUD for 15mL, but it lasts a long time and is very effective.
Second is the Antipodes Kiwi Eye Cream. This is a very light cream that can be used day and night. I took this on my holiday to the US and it was a life saver. Aeroplane air and long-distance travel does not do good things to my skin. I will probably buy this again at some point–it has twice the amount of product as the Origins eye cream and costs $45AUD at Priceline, so you get more product per dollar. However, while it is still a hydrating cream, it doesn’t have the same brightening effect that the Ginzing Eye Cream has. So, I guess it depends on what you’re looking for in an eye cream and your budget.


Moisturiser: I have there the Go-To Very Useful Face Cream. I liked this as a Winter moisturiser as it is very hydrating. Now that we’re in the warmer months though, my face is too oily to cope with it. Next Winter I may buy it again.
There is also the Origins Plantscription Serum. This is on the pricey end of the expense spectrum, but a wonderful product. It has a fair amount of slip to it, sinks well into the skin and it left my skin feeling really hydrated and plump. I’m currently using another Origins Serum that doesn’t have the same slippy feel, but overall I’m very impressed with Origins as a brand.

Body lotion: I had both of these kicking around my house for a couple of years. It wasn’t until I’d accidentally knocked over this pot of First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream that I realised the use-by date was last year. Oops. However, it still is one of my favourite moisturisers out there. I had a tube of this at work ages ago that I used for my hands and really loved how it was fragrance free and also sunk into the skin really nicely, leaving it hydrated and not greasy. This is pricey for a moisturiser/lotion. It’s almost $40 for 170g. If I think about how I’ve had it for a few years, the price seems every so slightly less scary.
The This Works Skin Deep Youth Elixir is also an expensive item. I don’t remember what I paid for it when I bought it a couple of years ago, but woah, this is hella expensive at $70AUD. Hence why I used this as a ‘special occasion’ body lotion and why it lasted me so long. This had an interesting serum-like texture–kind of lotion-y and kind of oily. It would leave a nice sheen on my limbs and had a floral scent to it, but I don’t think it did anything particularly amazing for my skin. Considering how ridiculously expensive it is, I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing this again. I don’t think it’s worth the price.

Whew… That’s all of them! That took a long time to write. Hope you stuck with me!


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