A review: Go-To Skincare

25 Sep

I’ve been reading Zoe Foster’s blog for a while and have always felt that we are kindred spirits, mainly due to her quirky sense of humour and love of cats. She is also a skincare enthusiast, so when she brought out her own line of products, called Go-To, I was more than a little bit interested to give the line a go.

Her skincare line includes five products–what you would call a streamlined regimen. These days it’s so very easy to get overwhelmed with the zillion product choices around and the even more overwhelming conundrum of how many steps there should be in a routine and whether they’re all actually necessary. Do I need to layer two serums before moisturiser and eye cream, and do I need to have four cleansers on the go at the one time? Short answer: no. So, this nice, neat little selection of five “go-to” (zing!) products is everything you need for a pared back, zero-confusion skincare system.

I bought all of the products except the Exceptionoil as I couldn’t really justify buying another multipurpose oil when I still had a tub of moisturiser and various other similar products floating around at home. But, oh, the more I look at it online, the more I want to try it.


First up is the Properly Clean face cleanser. Normally I’m not a fan of a foaming cleansers because I tend to imagine my face will shrivel up and peel off because all the oils have been stripped from my skin. This foaming cleanser is different as it doesn’t have any harsh surfactants that would steal all the moisture from my face. I use this in the morning by splashing a little bit of warm water on my face, then briefly massaging one to two pumps of the cleanser on my face before rinsing off. This rinses off really well (no lingering residue) and leaves my skin feeling fresh, although a tiny bit tight. Then I continue with the rest of my routine–toner, serum, eye cream and then moisturiser. It’s a really lovely, simple cleanser and it hasn’t done anything freaky to my complexion. To me, this feels like it’s more suitable for Summer weather when my skin is not as dehydrated. It’s a very good cleanser–I’d definitely consider buying this again.

Next up is Lips! lip balm. This is in one of those squeezy tubes and contains a decent amount of product. It gives a nice sheen on the lips and feels hydrating. It smells fruity and even tastes good, which is cool because it doesn’t have any nasties in it that you wouldn’t want to be consuming. Personally, I am not a fan of its consistency–it feels a little too slippy for my liking and doesn’t hang around too long. This is just personal preference though, so if you’re not a fan of really waxy lip balms, then maybe give this one a go.

Then we have the Exfoliating Swipeys. This is basically a tub full of single use pads that have been pre-soaked in an all natural solution that chemically exfoliates the skin. These days I’m a big fan of the whole chemical exfoliating idea, as it is more gentle than tearing your face to shreds with gritty things in a physical scrub. I am one of those people that gets too enthusiastic with those types of things (I looooove body scrubs), scrubbing away until my skin is red, so I have welcomed the more gentle approach. I use these once a week in the evening after I’ve cleansed my face. I just swipe this with the slightly textured side all across my face, down my neck and across my décolleté, let it sit for about a minute and then rinse off with water. The next morning, I always wake up with a brighter complexion. These are not an “every day” addition to my skincare regimen–once a week, or twice a week at most is enough for me.

Last, but not least, is the Very Useful Face Cream. And this lives up to its name. I used this in the evenings all through Winter as it is a very nourishing cream. The product itself when it came out of the tube had kind of separated into a cream with bits of oil, but this was no real issue. I just mashed it all together again and massaged it into my face, down my neck and across my décolleté. The thing that surprised me was that even though I initially thought it going to be a really heavy cream, it has a nice slip to it and absorbs very well into the skin. My Winter skin loved this–if ever my skin was looking or feeling a bit dodgy, this made a world of difference overnight, leaving me with a brighter, happier complexion the following morning. Now that the weather is turning warm again, I don’t use it so much on my face, because I have quite oily skin, but still use it on my neck and décolleté. I imagine that people with dryer or dehydrated skin would get along with this cream very well as it is very nourishing. I am inclined to buy another tube of it for next Winter when I’m due to get a little more scaly rather than oily.

Overall I’m impressed with the products I’ve tried. I’d say the price is mid-range, so not the cheapest out there, but still affordable and worth it. I would definitely say that these are worth a try. Go check them out.


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