Two Winter Skin Saviours

14 Aug

When I got back from my trip to the USA and Canada about a month ago, my skin went into Winter-crisis-mode. My lips went all dry and crackly, my arms and legs got all scaly, and my face felt dry and prickly. It was really getting me down. No doubt sitting on a plane for over 14 hours did not help the lip and face situation.

My EOS lip balm was just not cutting it when I was trying to remedy my dry, cracked pout. So, at my sister’s insistence, I went out and bought the Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm that many people rave about. Now I know why. This is no wimpy, slippery balm that disappears after a few minutes. This sticks around for hours. Even on first application I felt immediate relief. I lightly exfoliated all the crappy, dead skin from my lips and then smoothed a small amount of this lip balm on top and let it do it’s “thang” overnight. This is definitely not the cheapest lip balm you can find–it’s about $20AUD at your local Priceline store, but I think it might actually be worth the price. It’s paraben-free, non comedogenic and contains 80% natural ingredients. Winning.


For my scaly limbs I used simple old coconut oil. I slathered this all over my body after my shower in the evening and, within a few days, my skin was looking and feeling so much better. Coconut oil is much easier to find these days. I find mine in the local health food store and I’m pretty sure that the brand I like (Niugini Organics) is about $26AUD or so for 1kg. I don’t personally recommend Banaban as it smells a little bit sickly. It may seem at first that spending around $30 for coconut oil is expensive (as it did to me the first time I bought it), but, if you consider the fact that is has so many uses and can last a long time, it’s worth the investment.


As a bonus, if ever my skin is feeling super gross, I mix a bit of coconut oil with a combination of brown and caster sugar until it makes a gritty paste and then use it as an all over body scrub in the shower. It’s a very cheap and effective scrub as my skin always feels super smooth after using it, and it also smells delicious. You’re welcome.

What are your Winter skin saviours?


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