Cooties and a Catchup

6 Aug

People, I have not been well. In the small hours of Monday morning I woke up feeling pretty nauseated and then from about 3:30am to maybe 7:30am, I said goodbye to the contents of my stomach on too many occasions to count… Is that too much information? I did stop vomiting by some point in the morning, but I was still not in a good state of health on Tuesday either. I was then overcome by fevers and a terrible aching all over my body. Oh, I hope to never repeat those two days ever again.

Today, I’m not feeling particularly grand still. I have had a nap, however, and managed to down a cup of soup and a piece of toast without regretting it. Things are looking up.

In other, more spectacular and happy news–on Monday I became an aunty again to a handsome little nephew. My sick cooties have prevented me from actually meeting him in person yet, but I already love him to pieces. I shall meet him this weekend when I no longer think I am contagious.


Also, this (on the left) arrived in the mail yesterday. Judging by the address on the “To” label, I’m surprised it ever made it to me as half of the important bits were missing. It seemed like someone had apparently decided to use the biggest font ever and cut off the second half of all of the lines of address. I digress.

I’ve tried figuring out how to transfer everything from my four-year-old macbook onto the new one this afternoon, but I don’t think I was 100% successful. That will be a duty for my trusty brother, who I like to tell people stole all the computer genes in the family.

I can’t get over how clean the new one is. My old one has bits of food smeared all over it, as well as fluff, grime and fingerprints everywhere. But, it’s getting on and my charger has broken twice, so it was time to upgrade.

Well… I’m fading fast so I think I might end this now. I hope that you are keeping well. I’ll see you next week in hopefully better health.


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