Holidays and Hauls

16 Jul

Hello, people!

Yes, yes. It has been an age since my last post and I apologise, as usual, for my irregularity with this blog. Life just gets a bit out of control sometimes.

This time, I do actually have a convenient and exciting excuse as to why I’ve been absent for the past month–I’ve been on HOLIDAYS to the USA. I spent three weeks over there, cramming in a lot of sight-seeing, eating, and even a little bit of shopping. There was one expedition to Sephora where I left looking very sheepish.

So, where did I go? Well, I went to Chicago, a little place called Berrien Springs in Michigan, New York, and Los Angeles. I also managed to go on a four-day tour to Canada, which included seeing the Niagara Falls (one word: incredible), Toronto, Ottowa, and Montreal. I really had a blast and was very depressed about leaving the Summer weather behind to come back to Winter here, even if our Winter here isn’t “properly” cold.

I’ve been introduced to the wonderful world that is a Sephora store and I am now kind of upset that we don’t have one in Australia yet. Then when we do get one, it’s going to be ten hours away from me. So inconvenient. I went into three while I was over in the States and did a little bit of damage to my bank account each time.


Here’s some of what I bought (I have already given away the gifts I bought). True to myself, I have managed to forget one thing in the photo–the Benefit the Porefessional Primer, which after two uses has pleased me greatly. Other purchases were numerous Bite Beauty lip products that I definitely didn’t need. Also, the Too Faced Natural Eyes eye shadow palette that should have an aura around it. It is so pretty. And then there are a few bits and pieces from Tarte, which I think is going to be one of my new favourite brands. Hello, new mineral foundation! Oh! And a new charcoal face mask from Origins. I’ve used it twice and I already love it.


Then, we can’t forget food. I was introduced to the wonder that is Trader Joe’s while I was away. Now I’m depressed that we don’t have any in Australia. The only similar places that I can think of that we have here would probably be either Wray Organics or maybe Flannery’s? I went a little bit crazy in Trader Joe’s on my last day in the US and bought a whole bunch of not particularly healthy foods… like a half kilo block of dark chocolate… and a jar of something called Cookie Butter, which unfortunately got confiscated by TSA when I tried to bring it in with my carry on luggage. I almost cried.

Well, looks like I should have plenty of things to review for you in the next few months. I’d better hop to it!


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