A review: Milk & Co Face Cleanser

7 May

Most times when I do a quick dash to the supermarket, I wander down the toiletries aisle just to see if anything jumps out at me. A lot of my skincare I tend to buy online these days, but sometimes I don’t have time to wait for shipping. Back in late January or early February I was in need of a new cleanser and the Milk & Co Face Cleanser caught my eye.


Milk had been on my radar for a little while because I think I saw an article online somewhere about it. It was created by Australian swimmer Michael Klim and his wife. It’s a simple, cheap, natural where possible, effective and easily accessible brand. I’m pretty sure you can find it in a selection of chemists and I got mine at my local Coles supermarket.

Because it was the middle of Summer and I have oily, yet annoyingly sensitive skin, I was looking for something that would effectively get rid of the grime that my face collects on a daily basis without making it angry. I’m not generally a fan of gel cleansers because I find them to be too effective at removing oil from your skin–they tend to strip the skin of necessary moisture and then it produces more sebum to compensate for this. However, even though this was a gel cleanser, a quick perusal of the ingredients list showed me that there weren’t any harsh surfactants that would strip my skin and make it upset. So, into my shopping basket it went.


Every evening, I apply about a 10c size blob of this cleanser onto a dry face full of the day’s grime and makeup. I massage it in, rubbing it over my eyes to remove any mascara or eye shadow that I’ve got on. Then I rinse it off with warm water and cleanse again with my MooGoo Milk Cleanser, which I’ve spoken about before. This cleanser does remove makeup really well, although I’m not sure how good it would go with particularly waterproof mascara or eyeliner (I don’t tend to wear either of these things). Even though I massage this over and around the eye area, it doesn’t sting or burn, but I would still avoid getting it in your actual eyes.

I find that this does effectively cleanse my skin without it making my skin feel like it’s crying out for moisture. It has a pleasant herbal scent to it and my skin has not done anything crazy while I’ve been using it. I’ve used this every day and fairly liberally for the past three months, yet I’m only just nearing the end of the bottle now. At $16.95 for 150mL, I think this is excellent value for money. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes a simple gel cleanser and who may be on a budget, skincare-wise.

However, it’s what my sister and a friend of mine would call a “beige” product, in that it doesn’t wow me in anyway. It performs its duties but I don’t feel any joy using it. I do realise that it’s a peculiar concept to associate joy with using a face cleanser, but that’s the only way I can describe it. I feel like now that I’m almost finished using it, I’m itching to try something new rather than to go straight back to Coles and repurchase it to use for another three months. That’s the only issue I have with it.

So, now onto the next cleanser experiment!


2 Responses to “A review: Milk & Co Face Cleanser”

  1. beautifulbedlamblog 16/10/2015 at 7:21 pm #

    Great post! I actually really loved this cleanser, it gave me that joy you’re talking about haha but my sister didn’t like it at all, so go figure haha Everyone’s different I guess 🙂 We did a Milk & Co. review also, please check it out if you get the chance xoxo http://beautifulbedlamblog.com/?p=428 ❤


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    […] Milk & Co cleanser sitting up in the top left there finally ran out. As I said in my review of it, it was a bit of a “meh” product so I won’t be repurchasing it. I’m […]

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