Empties–products I’ve finished using #3

31 Dec

So it is the last day of 2013 and what better way to finish a year than to talk about products that I’ve finished using?

It’s going to be short and sweet.

Here goes!


First up, the Michael Todd True Organics Blue Green Algae Toner. I won’t say too much about this because a proper review is coming up shortly. What I will say is that I like this so much that I have already bought and started using a second bottle of it. Excellent stuff.

Secondly, another Michael Todd product. This one is the Antiox Serum. As an oily-skinned person, I am pretty fond of the lighter formulations of serums rather than thick moisturisers. Plus serums are I guess supposed to be targeted skincare for whatever skin issue it is that you have, be it pigmentation or a dull complexion or anything. This serum was very hydrating and always made my skin look plump and brighter the following morning. The only negative was it wasn’t the most pleasant-smelling product, but that dissipates after a few minutes. I’m trying a different Michael Todd serum now but I won’t rule out ever using this one again.

Third is the Cool Foot Balm made by Wundanook Creations. I believe this was a Christmas present from my mum last year. It has a frog on the container, and she loves them, so that’s a bit of a giveaway. This balm was more of a really thick moisturiser, with a short ingredient list that pleased me greatly–shea butter and cocoa butter are the two first ingredients. This was very moisturising and I ended up slathering it all over my scaly legs during the Winter rather than containing it to just my tootsies. I loved the fresh minty scent too.

Fourth is my ever trusty MooGoo Acne Cleansing Cream. I am not sure how many of these I have gone through now, but I always make sure I buy a backup before my current one runs out because I get nervous about what would happen if I didn’t have any. I love this stuff that much.

Lastly is this Hydraluron stuff. I was sceptical about how good this could possibly be, but I am very impressed. I’ve even bought a second tube. This isn’t in itself a moisturiser, but more of a pre-moisturiser that helps your skin absorb whatever you’re going to put on it afterwards. It’s on the more pricey end of the scale, however, I’ve been using it morning and night since I think October and it’s only just now running out. A little goes a long way. I recommend this to anyone, no matter what their skin type is.

That’s it folks. I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and that the next year is happy and prosperous and brings many wonderful adventures.

Goodbye 2013!


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