A review: LaVanila Deodorant

5 Nov

The other week I did a review on the Lavilin Deodrant, which unfortunately was not a winner for me. I did mention that I had been momentarily confused and bought a LaVanila Deodorant before realising I’d mixed all the letters up and purchased the wrong thing. However, I’d heard a lot about the LaVanila Deodorant from an American vlogger/blogger who really, really liked it. I’d also read a few other reviews on the website that I bought it from and the general response was that this deodorant was worth a try.

I decided to buy the plain vanilla scent, as I didn’t want to get too crazy with the smells. If you’ve read any of my other deodorant reviews, you’ll know that my armpits seem to hate anything remotely scented. One of the site’s reviews had mentioned that the scent wasn’t a natural vanilla smell like you’d get with a vanilla pod or extract, so I didn’t expect that when it arrived. However, I wasn’t prepared for it to smell like it did. It’s kind of a summery, sunscreen kind of smell that reminds me of my childhood. So, while it isn’t a “genuine” vanilla smell as such, it’s still pleasant.

Good things about this deodorant are that it is 100% natural and it contains no aluminium, parabens, petrochemicals or any of those ingredients that I am a little suspicious of and very apprehensive about coating my armpits with. I can pretty much identify most of the ingredients listed on the container and I really like that.

Another thing I like about this deodorant is that it is a stick deodorant and has quite a dry texture. I hate putting deodorant on and having to wait for ages for my armpits to dry. Usually I slap on deodorant and put my shirt on and then smear it all over my clothing, or I can feel it soaking into the armpits of my shirts. Ugh the dampness is not a pleasant feeling, so a dry formula is excellent. I think this works best if you apply it on freshly cleaned skin so, for me, this means at night after I’ve showered.

Now, onto the important question. Does this work? Well, for me it’s a bit iffy. Like with all my other experiences barring the MooGoo Deodorant, I have been very conscious of this deodorant’s scent practically radiating from my armpits throughout the day. There have been a few occasions where I’ve started to get paranoid about smelling worse, but not as bad as any of the times I’ve tried any other natural deodorants. And, because I’m paranoid, I still put on my MooGoo deodorant as a backup, which makes using the LaVanila deodorant redundant.

This deodorant is pretty expensive and not that easy to locate if you’re in Australia. I bought mine from the I Am Natural Store online and you can also find it at the Iconic if you want to buy it in bulk. While this would probably be the second best natural deodorant I’ve tried, I don’t think it is worth the price and I probably wouldn’t purchase it again. My MooGoo deodorant is far easier to get a hold of, less than half the price and a lot more effective.


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