A review: Borghese Fango Active Mud

7 Sep

Hello, hello.

I know I’ve mentioned it already fairly recently, but I’ve been quite stressed in the past few months. And by quite, I mean super. The months of May, June and July did not play nicely at all. I got a cold at the end of April, and then got some kind of terrible gastro virus a few weeks later. Then, added to this terrible mix was a dash of some sad news, a sprinkle of non-functioning internet (for TWO months!) and a great big dollop of, “hey, you need to move house!”, aaaand then I caught a viral chest infection–I was one stressed Sarbear.

And it’s usually when everything is going wrong that my skin goes a bit haywire. But, my skin has actually been behaving quite well despite the stress in the past few months, and I think it might have something to do with this: The Borghese Fango Active Mud for Face and Body.

Way before the “illnesses”, I posted about my splurge on the internet and how I’d bought two face masks. Well, this is the one that I was most intrigued about after a British beauty blogger had said that it helped keep her blackheads at bay. Seeing as I have the greasiest skin of all time, blackheads are a bit of a nuisance for me.

Twice a week now, I have been smearing this all over my face in the shower after I’ve washed all the grime from the day off. For anyone who is lazy (aka me), this is a winner mask. It’s not for hanging around and luxuriating. It’s for quickly getting in the shower at the end of a busy day and getting the job done. All you have to do is wash your face, apply the mask, rinse it off after 5 (max 10) minutes, and you’re done. That’s it. You would not leave this on for any longer than five minutes because you can definitely feel it tingling away and I suspect your face would melt off if you left it on for longer than the recommended amount of time. It is powerful stuff.

Now, the skin on my cheeks where I seem to still get some congestion has been the most clear that I’ve seen it for ages, save for the odd hormonal/naughty food blemish. However, the whole pimply situation clears up very quickly and I think this is due to the mask. I still have blackheads that are very stubborn about leaving but, I think with more regular use, that this will diminish over time.

I just used it this evening on my chin as I can feel a chimple (chin pimple) brewing, and I’m hoping that the application of the mud mask will discourage any further development. I have fairly high hopes that, if the pimple does rear its ugly head, it won’t stick around for too long or be too horrendous.

It’s supposed to be full of skin-friendly and somewhat exotic ingredients, like Italian mud sourced from Tuscany, as well as sweet almond and avocado oils. My tube doesn’t have the ingredients listed on it–I suspect the box it came in did have them listed. I’m not sure if I’d be smearing it all over my body, but I can imagine that it would be good if you have any problems areas on your shoulders, chest or back. I’ve only used it on my face and random spots on my chest.

Overall, I’m impressed with this mask and I will be repurchasing it when my massive 200g tube is finished. I got mine from Strawberrynet for about $35, but I gather it is more accessible in places that are not Australia and also quite possibly cheaper.

Well, wish me luck with my chimple. Let’s all hope that it decides to go away overnight.


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