A review: FAB Facial Radiance Pads

29 Apr

Sorry to disappoint everyone, but this isn’t a review on some magical feminine hygiene products that somehow make you look radiant despite feeling really crappy. No, this is a review on something a little more realistic. A nice, no fuss, not-nasty toner.

It wasn’t that long ago that I reviewed the Alpha-H Liquid Gold for you guys, but I think that it was more suited to someone with slightly more mature skin than mine. Me being the ripe old age of 24, I’m probably looking for some a little simpler and less “anti-ageing” even though it did a pretty good job of keeping blackheads at bay.

Which brings me to First Aid Beauty. First Aid Beauty first blipped on my radar last year when a couple of British beauty bloggers raved about the body creams. They had sensitive skin so the fact that this brand deals with no-frills, excellent for problem skin, no-nasties products really appealed to them. And to me. Just give me something basic that works and I’m happy.

So, two months ago I started using the FAB Facial Radiance Pads. These are basically cotton rounds that have been pre-soaked in toner and come in a handy jar of 60 pads ready for use. This toner has all the good things you’re looking for to both brighten and soothe your skin. It has cool ingredients like lactic and glycolic acids, cucumber, Indian gooseberry, lemon peel, and licorice but no scary ingredients that make your face freak out.


Every night after cleansing my face twice, as per my usual evening ablutions, I swiped one of these cotton rounds on my face, neck and decollete. Then I smeared on my moisturiser (yes, my MooGoo Acne Cleansing Cream) and went on with my evening. It was as simple as that.

I definitely think that my skin was brighter and clearer while using this. But, confession time, I did have a week or so where my skin had a bit of a party. This could have been for two reasons, or those two reasons combined. The first was that I had eaten a rather large amount of sugary food over the Easter break, which I’m not accustomed to anymore. The second was that I had been cheating on my MooGoo moisturiser testing out a sample of Korres Pomegranate Cream Gel moisturiser. My skin wasn’t too happy.

That being said, I persisted with the radiance pads, returned to my usual moisturiser and, within a really short space of time, my skin was looking and feeling much healthier. Pigmentation left over from said skin party didn’t take forever to fade, as it usually tends to do, and any pimply problems I had didn’t linger around for as long either. The only things that I did notice was that it didn’t clear out my blackheads (gross!) as well as I expected it to and my forehead would get quite oily. (Although, the oiliness thing is a general bane of my existence and the weather lately has been an odd combination of hot, cold, dry, freaky, which tends to make my skin confused and produce more oil (hooray!).)

I’m still a bit dubious about the necessity of toner. I’m not convinced that it makes or breaks a skincare routine, but I guess it’s a nice addition, especially if it doesn’t have any alcohol in it and therefore doesn’t make my skin prickle or do crazy things. This particular toner has helped keep my face clean and has made it seem a little bit brighter.

I was pleasantly surprised that, even down to the last one, the cotton rounds never dried out. I assume that if I was lazy about putting the lid back on properly, that it would have been otherwise, but it wasn’t a fiddly container. I got this jar as part of a set with a jar of ultra repair cream and an eye treatment, which I am becoming a fan of for I think around $40 or $50(?). I can’t remember anymore as that particular set is no longer available, but one with a jar of 30 rounds is. To buy the jar by itself from Beauty Bay, it’s just over $30 for 60 cotton rounds–50 cents per use or $15 per month–so, it’s not the cheapest option available. But maybe you could be like me and try it out in a set and see if you think it’s worth the investment later on.

My overall thoughts? Pretty pleased but not totally impressed with the price point. I’ll probably use these again some time in the future, but it would most likely be because I’ve bought the jar as part of a set and not by itself. I give FAB Facial Radiance Pads three and a half out of five happy faces.


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