A review: Alpha-H Liquid Gold

27 Feb

Late last year, in a bid to fight against the ever-present congestion in my cheeks, I decided to give Alpha-H’s Liquid Gold a whirl. Ever heard of Liquid Gold? I heard of it through Ruth Crilly from A Model Recommends. I read her blog just about every day.

I just finished my bottle on Monday night, but I’ve been using it every second night for about three months now and I have been very pleased. I still have congestion in my cheeks but, maybe it’s my imagination or, it appears to have lessened somewhat.

Ever since my skin went nutso a few years ago, I’ve had bumpy cheeks, so even though it appears as though my skin is mostly “clear”, it’s not particularly smooth. I look at photos of when I was eighteen and feel depressed about the current state of my face. Thanks, scarring. I do recall, though, that in year 11 that my forehead went through a rebellious stage, but I think I may have talked about this in my skin history post way back, if you want to check it out.

I’ll tell you a bit about this product. Firstly, it’s from an Australian company! Go us. It’s a glycolic acid treatment product that, to me, is kind of like a toner. You use it after cleansing your face. If you’re in for the “real” treatment, you don’t apply anything else to your skin afterwards and let it just do its job. That can be quite a scary concept if you don’t like that tight feeling you get after using a slightly harsh cleanser. I know I still balked a little at not covering my face with moisturiser after using it. The other kind of scary concept is that it seems to contain a rather high amount of alcohol in it, which I would really prefer it not to include. But, as I’m no chemist, it might have been intrinsic to how the product works and maybe wouldn’t be as effective if that particular ingredient was missing.

That aside, here’s how I used it. Every second night, after thoroughly cleansing my face, I doused a cotton ball or cotton pad with the Alpha-H. Then I would sweep it all over my face, down my neck and over my decollete. When I first started using it, I was definitely more conscious of a slight tingling sensation–good–which was an indicator that the product was working. The more you use it, the more used to it you get. Does that make sense? I was dutiful and didn’t apply any moisturiser afterwards, although I did start using an eye cream towards the end, just for using an eye cream’s sake. I also must stress that I didn’t use this every night. I might have ended up with no skin at all if I did. It is definitely just for “every other day”. Also, because it uses glycolic acid, I had to be more conscious of sun protection.

I did notice that my skin was always a lot brighter looking the next morning after using it. Also, even though I still got spots and blemishes, they wouldn’t linger around for as long as they normally would. They would heal more quickly too. In fact, the whole blemish “process” seemed to be a lot quicker. I still have blackheads, but I think that just might be the bane of my oily existence.

Now, I think this product might actually be aimed at people who are in a slightly higher age bracket than me. I’m in my mid-twenties and this is particularly for slightly aged, sun damaged and/or acne-scarred skin. But it was worth a whirl for the acne scarring, in my opinion.

… However, I will not buy it in Australia. Hilariously enough, it’s actually cheaper to buy it from Beauty Bay than it is to buy it from its own website. I think it is reasonably priced for what how long it lasts and for what it does, but it is definitely not the cheapest product out there. Perhaps I should call it an “investment” product. I’d been using it since I think November or early December and it only just ran out.

Well, overall I’m a fan of Alpha-H Liquid Gold. I’m going to see how my skin fares without it over the next few months. If there is a horrifying return to the congested skin I was looking at last year, then I will most likely be repurchasing it.

My score? I give it four out of five happy faces.


3 Responses to “A review: Alpha-H Liquid Gold”

  1. poonam 22/07/2013 at 6:03 am #

    Great detailed review…what was your skin routine alternate days .when you was not using this …it used to normal ctm????

    • bearinthere 23/07/2013 at 10:30 am #

      I would use my normal skincare regime everyday, but on the days I used the liquid gold, I would skip using a moisturiser afterwards. It felt a bit weird at first, but you get used to it after a while.


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