Disappointing Products

13 Feb

Hi, I’m Sarah and sometimes I make questionable online purchasing decisions late at night… or indeed at the store.

Here are just a few items that have failed to live up to my expectations once I’ve got them home and tested them out.


First up is Soapwalla’s Deodorant Cream. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll probably know that I have a bit of a rocky history with natural deodorants. There’s just something about my armpits that doesn’t agree with crystal or really any natural deodorants. That is, until I found MooGoo’s deodorant, which has been a life saver. I thought that this Soapwalla Deodorant Cream would be a nice alternative.

But it was not for me. I think this one can be categorised with the crystal deodorants in that there is somehow some reaction to my armpits and I end up smelling both sour and sweaty. Oh yes, that is a winning combination. I suspect that other, more normal, people might not have the same issues as me. It’s got a pleasant lavendery, planty scent and is a fairly nice texture for something that you have to rub into your armpits, but I think I’ll stick to my MooGoo holy grail for now.

Second is this sugar lip scrub by Sara Happ. I believe I bought this on a whim when I was frantically buying up a whole bunch of EOS lip balms from a website before it closed down. A sugar lip scrub, you say? That sounds tasty. Green apple? Oh, that sounds delicious!


It doesn’t taste good. Even if you’re not aiming to eat any of it, you’re scrubbing your lips so some product is bound to make its way into your mouth. I get the slightest hint of green apple, but for some mysterious reason, it smells or tastes a lot like lavender (which I can’t even find on the ingredients list) and vaseline. I think it does an ok job for what it’s supposed to do, but I don’t think it was worth the upwards of $20 that I believe I paid for it. I can make my own more tasty and equally as effective sugar lip scrub for a fraction of the cost.

Third is the Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-place Shadowcreme. Phew, that’s a mouthful! I have oily eyelids so eyeshadow will only stay on them for about fifteen minutes before it shifts around a bunch and then settles in the creases of my eyes. I was expecting this to be a primer and a shadow in one. It even swatches nicely on your hand and is a beautiful colour (I got Ivory Lace). But I’ve found the texture to be strangely dry and yet it still moves around on my eyelids with and without a primer. I must have the oiliest eyelids in the history of oily eyelids. Still, I’m going to persevere with it and use it all up because it was mighty expensive.


The next three products are hair products. As we all know by now, I suck at hair. You can’t tell the difference between my brushed and unbrushed hair. I don’t use styling products in it except for the heat protectant I spray in my fringe before I straighten it to sit in a normal-ish fashion on my forehead.

So, I only wash my hair once every two days but I need to freshen up in between days, because my hair gets oily (notice the trend? I’M SO GREASY!). I’ve started to use dry shampoo and my absolute favourite is Klorane’s. It doesn’t smell offensive and does a brilliant job of freshening up my hair without it feeling like there’s this weird chalky substance in it. Which is why I’m not a fan of Lush’s dry shampoo. I thought it would be a brilliant alternative–cheap, would last forever, and smells nice and fresh. But, I kind of end up looking as though I’ve got some dry scalp problem and it doesn’t actually seem to do anything. In fact, my hair looks more dull and grimy after I’ve used it. It also gets minus points because talc is right at the start of the ingredient list and I’m not a fan of talc. You could technically use bicarb soda or cornflour as a better alternative. Anyhow, I think that I might tuck this away in the recesses of my bathroom cupboard… or chuck it out.

Lastly, there are these two conditioners from Klorane. I had a bit of an unfortunate mishap in the chemist a few weeks back where I bought conditioner and conditioner instead of shampoo and conditioner. I’ll blame it on the fact that the packaging is completely different and that I was trying to read the French label and not the English. What a fail.

Anyway, I thought that, because I love the dry shampoo from Klorane so much, the conditioners would not fail to impress me. But I was so wrong. The oat milk one feels like it never rinses clean from my hair. It feels silky smooth in the shower while I’m rinsing, but once my hair is dry, it feels like there is a lot of residue just sitting on the ends of my hair. Then it goes lank and gets really oily, really quickly. I don’t even use conditioner on the whole length of my hair–just from the ears down. The quinine one smells like my brother’s deodorant. And while my brother’s deodorant doesn’t smell bad, I do not particularly want my hair to smell masculine.

So, as you can see, I’ve made a few poor decisions over the past year buying beauty items. Some of them were impulse buys and some of them were because I’d read good reviews, like the Soapwalla deodorant and the Lush No Drought dry shampoo. I guess sometimes you find out you’re the 1% that doesn’t like what everyone else likes.

So, if I leave you with one piece of arbitrary advice, it would be to make sure you read labels properly so you don’t accidentally buy two bottles of conditioner.


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