Farewell 2012, Hello 2013.

31 Dec

Well, it’s the last day of 2012 and what have I been doing? Procrastinating, as usual. My bedroom is in desperate need of a vacuum and a clean and I just can’t somehow get the motivation to get up and do it.

So I thought I’d write a post instead. Go me.

As the old cliché goes, I can’t actually believe that today is the last day of 2012. I just don’t know where the year went. Have I actually done anything?

Most of the significant things that I remember about this year have been predominantly bad–the first two weeks in my new role at work where I felt like crying the entire time, losing my apartment keys, having a minor car accident and then my car getting broken into. Yay…

Still, it hasn’t all been bad, let’s be honest. I can’t just focus on what went wrong. Because, as far as years go, this one hasn’t actually been that sucky.

Three stand outs this year have been:

1. My new role at work, which has turned out to be quite rewarding, despite a lot of stresses. I’m only in it for another few weeks before I go back to my old position, but it has been a good learning experience and I’ve been very grateful for it.

2. My wonderful trip to Thailand. Though it was short, it was filled with some amazing experiences, like bathing with the elephants and going to the Tiger Temple again. Man, I love that place.


3. Getting my cat, Bella. She entertains me, harasses me for food whenever she can, snuggles with me and gives me her love. I can’t ask for anything more.


I guess most normal people would come up with some resolutions for the New Year. I don’t tend to make resolutions, as I am a procrastinator and inevitably don’t do anything I plan to do. I am not like the other women in my family who love to make lists and cross off each item. I invariably write a list, put it down somewhere and forget about it until I discover after eight months and then chuck it in the bin.

However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t make general goals though. It might be a cop out, but it works for me. Things like trying to be a bit happier, being a little more active (like walking to work), being a little more sociable (trivia on a Tuesday night counts, right?) or choosing to eat more healthy food.

These are all realistic and achievable goals so I’m going to continue along these lines for 2013. I’m aiming to be even more active and try yoga, or maybe pilates. I’m going to try to put away some more savings for another overseas holiday some time in 2013 too. Plus, I’m going to try to be less messy. No guarantees there, though.

Well, I guess this is it from me for 2012. Hopefully next year I’ll post more regularly and have more quality content for you other than my ramblings.

I hope that 2013 brings you many blessings and much happiness. I’m looking forward to what the New Year will bring. Onwards and upwards!

All the best from this little grizzly bear.



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