Quiet Night In

14 Dec

It’s been a rough week. Boy, am I glad it’s the weekend.

On Sunday I went to the beach and got stung by a bluebottle literally within seconds of stepping into the water. I sat on the beach for about ten minutes afterwards with my two cousins trying to admire the scenery and enjoy the sunshine, but all I could think about was that my foot felt like it was on fire.

I’ve since discovered that vinegar is not what you’re supposed to put on a Bluebottle sting. Apparently you’re supposed to use hot water instead(because that’s what every savvy beach-goer takes to the beach in the Summer?).

I also discovered that I must be slightly allergic to bluebottle stings in much the same way that I’m allergic to bee stings and green ant bites–the stings get insanely itchy for days and days afterwards and leave angry red welts on my skin. Antihistamines have been my friend for the early part of this week.

It also feels like I’ve spent an eternity in meetings this week, which has been mentally draining. I got confused on Wednesday when someone sent an email about the following day being Wednesday, too, so I haven’t been quite sure what day it is for at least half the week. I woke up this morning thinking it was Saturday and the day got progressively worse from there.

However, the week is now over and I’m feeling relieved. I went to my local Thai restaurant this evening and bought myself some of my happy food–some spicy chicken Tom Yum soup. It never fails to make me feel less miserable. I’ve spent the evening catching up on a few tv shows and am now about ready to curl up into bed with my recently returned kitty and a book that I borrowed months ago and still haven’t finished reading yet.

I just want to share with you what is making this quiet night in just that little bit more comforting. It’s a lavender, manuka and chamomile candle that is super relaxing from The Aromatherapy Company. I came across it in David Jones last weekend when I was in the city shopping with my sister. At first I left it behind and we continued shopping elsewhere, but the comforting smell lingered in my mind so much that I had to go back and buy it before I went home.


I’m burning it for the second time now and I am loving it. Even when I don’t have it burning, the earthy fragrance still lingers in my bedroom. It smells slightly masculine, which might actually be part of the appeal. It’s nothing too sickly sweet or too floral. It’s the little bear’s kind of candle–it’s just right.

And so I better be off to read this book before I nod off to sleep very soon. I have a feeling this weekend is going to be a good one.

Good night!


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