My Christmas Shopping Obsession

6 Dec

I don’t know if you lovely people have begun Christmas shopping, but I started weeks and weeks ago. I despise Christmas shopping in shopping centres. Have you ever been shopping around Christmas time and experienced car park rage? Whew, that is terrifying.

I have done the majority of my Christmas shopping online so far. The trouble is, though, that I’ve been finding a hell of a lot of things that I would love for myself. It’s getting out of control. It feels like for every one item I choose for a relative, there’s an item that I choose to give to myself. One for you, one for me, one for you, two for me…

Does anyone else have this issue? If not, then I’m sharing something with you so that I don’t feel alone. If you have family members that are interested in skincare or cosmetics, then you should have a look at Beauty Bay. I have spent hours looking longingly at all the beautiful products there. I bought my mother’s birthday present there recently too.

The prices range from the fairly decent to the outrageous. I found a gift set on there that cost over $600. Woah. There are also a lot of brands that aren’t easily accessible in Australia (as far as I’ve found) and they aren’t ridiculously priced. Things like Urban Decay, Stila, This Works and Pai Skincare. The other plus is that it has free worldwide delivery. Win!

Now that I’ve shared this gem with you, I’m going to imagine that I’m not alone in my obsession any more.

And I’m also going to have another look at it now because I can’t resist.


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