Thankful Tuesday

4 Dec

Last night was not a good night. I got locked out of my apartment and I didn’t have anything on me–no keys, no wallet, no phone and not even a pair of shoes.

You see, my landlady came to pick her cat up, who I’ve been looking after for the past week, and to take some furniture to her new place that she’s moving into. This was all well and good until we both carried her desk to her car downstairs and realised that neither of us had our keys. My landlady was let into the foyer by one of our neighbours, but then discovered that the apartment door was locked and neither of us remembered locking it.

Well, this was really bad. We had no way of contacting anyone and we didn’t have an onsite building manager to find who might have a master key either.

Luckily, I live next to a little strip of restaurants. We first tried Nandos where we made a few unsuccessful phone calls–no one I called was picking up and my landlady didn’t have any luck either. Next we thought that maybe we could call the workplace of our friend who has a spare set of keys, but neither of use knew what the number was. Then we asked the kind people at Nandos if they had the Yellow Pages, which they didn’t. Fail.

So I tried the Thai restaurant two doors down. Here, the owner kindly offered me the use of his laptop to search for the number and his phone to make the call. My friend’s workplace was a fail because I got put on hold for five minutes and I was getting impatient. I decided to try ringing my parents once more to see if my sister was home and if she had my friend’s number. Complicated, right? Right.

SUCCESS! I got a hold of my sister and managed to get into contact with my friend. She found her set of keys and hopped into the car straight away to come to our rescue.

I was so thankful to the man in the Thai restaurant that I said that I would come back and buy some food from him once I got back inside. He protested and said, “No, no. Don’t worry about it. You come in here a lot. I recognise you.”.

Well, now I won’t feel so bad about my obsession with Thai food…

I just feel so grateful that there are such kind people in the world. Sometimes it’s easy to get disillusioned by all the douchey people that you come across and think that there is no one nice left anymore. But last night’s events have besides slightly traumatising me shown me that goodness still exists. And one shouldn’t let that go unappreciated.

So, thank you Nandos for letting me use your phone. Thank you to the man in the Thai restaurant for letting me use your phone and your laptop. Thank you to my mate who drove half an hour to my place just to let me into my own apartment. I am ever so grateful.


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