Sizzling Sunday

7 Oct

Holy dooley it has been hot today. I’m talking over 30 degrees celsius, burn your eyeballs kind of heat. This is my kind of weather, but I think I may have forgotten what it feels like to sweat whilst doing nothing more physical than standing on the spot.

This morning my cousin and I went on our weekly pilgrimage to the Mt Gravatt markets to buy our fruit, vegetables and breakfast (plus a much needed coffee for me). I had a brainwave half way along the stalls that I might finally try to make baba ghanoush and bought a couple of eggplants. I also bought a wee bag of avocados to make some guacamole and an organic olive sourdough loaf. I have a weakness for olive sourdough…

And what did I plan for the rest of the day? Some shopping to pick up the rest of the necessary ingredients and then head home to do some cooking. I desperately wanted some toasted sourdough spread thickly with garlicky guacamole and baba ghanoush.

I’ve been wanting to make baba ghanoush since 2009, when my cousin and I went to Tangiers in Morocco for a few days. I had the best baba ghanoush at a quaint little cafe there. So this afternoon I used this recipe from Taste. What resulted was a not very attractive, but very tasty spread, if I don’t say so myself.

I also made some delicious guacamole. All I used was five small hass avocados, half a red onion, two cloves of garlic, salt, pepper, chilli flakes, and a generous squeeze of lemon juice. My handy little blender made it a cinch–I threw all the bits and pieces in roughly chopped and blitzed away.

I feel quite proud of the results. I have been snacking on toast and spreads this evening. I’m not sure if I should eat this combination in the morning though, because the garlic seems to be quite friendly and does not want to leave despite some vigorous teeth brushing. Lucky there is no one with me at the moment apart from my sister and my little kitty.

I call that a Sunday well spent. What did you get up to?

PS. Apologies for mentioning baba ghanoush so many times. I may be a little obsessed…


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