A review: The Body Shop Warming Mineral Mask

28 Sep

This week happened to be a week in which I had to be out pretty much every night and see a lot of people. This week just also happened to be the week that the skin on my face decided it didn’t want to behave, probably exacerbated by the chocolate I ate on Sunday (chocolate, you have a lot to answer for). Much to my dismay, I have been exhibiting two rather ugly zits on my jaw and cheek. Plus I have pigmentation leftover from a minor breakout that happened during my trip to Thailand. It’s surprising how just even one pimple can make you feel unattractive and grotty.

A couple of months back I went to a friend’s Body Shop party. I wasn’t enthusiastic about attending as I have an aversion to social events that incorporate ice breakers and games and, even more so, the pressure to purchase something at the end of it. It’s in my genes. Inevitably, I bought a couple of things, one of which was the Warming Mineral Mask. I am a sucker for clay masks or any kind of mask that professes to clarify your skin. The more crap it draws out of your skin, the better. This kaolin clay mask had the extra gimmicky enticement of heating up as you apply it, due to something magical in the ingredients (***probably not magical).

I enjoy the warming sensation as I apply it in a relatively thick layer all over my face. You are supposed to use it on a freshly clean, wet face, but I do not bother with this because I am super lazy. Then I let it sit on my skin for a while–do a couple of odd jobs, sit and watch a short(or long) YouTube video, relax–and then hop in the shower to rinse it off. After that I cleanse and moisturise my face as usual.

I do notice that my skin definitely feels different after using it. It’s not squeaky clean but it does feel tight and like a lot of the excess grease and grime that accumulates on my face on a daily basis has been cleaned off properly. I also tend to feel like I need to replenish a bit of moisture in my skin afterwards. This is usually what happens after using any clarifying mask anyway. It also does a decent job of drawing out impurities in my skin, so within a couple of days I find that a couple of spots will appear. This is a good thing. I want that stuff out of my skin rather than making a home in there. Once the crud is gone, my face can go on its merry way in its healing process.

The only odd thing that I’ve found with this mask is that it smells like my dad. Not in a bad way, but more of a has-used-Imperial-Leather-Brand-Soap-for-40-years, freshly-showered kind of way. Does that make sense? It’s a kind of a clean and masculine smell. I find it strangely comforting.

Moving on…

Now, this is a sometimes only product. It’s like using mechanical scrubs–that scrubbing sensation can be addictive, but then you go crazy with it and your skin ends up having a freak out over all the excess damage you’ve just created. So, you should probably only use it once or twice a week as an addition to your normal skincare routine.

I’ve used it twice already this week as an attempt to combat this pimple problem. I’ve been itching to use it more but that would be overkill. My skin is a lot calmer than it otherwise would have been and I’m pretty sure it has sped up the breakout process so that my blemishes should heal more quickly now. Win.

At just under $30 a pop, I think this is a pretty good buy. It is a solid performer and I give it seven out of ten happy faces.


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