A review: Trilogy Travellers

18 Aug

Oh, some months ago I did a mini preview of this set of travel size Trilogy products.

I’m a big fan of Trilogy’s Rosehip oil–I’ve been using the Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+ for the past month or so and am really impressed with how it’s making my skin look and feel.

But I want to tell you about what I thought about this little miniature set. It’s a fantastic way of seeing whether you would be willing to buy the full size of any of the options.

So, to begin with I’ll talk about the Gentle Facial Exfoliant. These days I’m not a huge fan of “mechanical” scrubs. Well, I actually like the scrubbing sensation a little too much and find it difficult not to get carried away and scrub the shiz out of my face. That gritty texture can be a double-edged sword sometimes, especially if you have testy skin like mine. As far as scrubs though, this one is very creamy with not too chunky bits of scrubby stuff, so it is still pretty gentle on your skin. Just don’t go nuts while you’re scrubbing away, no matter how tempting it is, because the scrub will do the job with just a light touch. My skin always felt very smooth and supple after using this product.

The Cream Cleanser was one of my favourite products to use. We all know that I love creamy cleansers and this one didn’t fail to please. I wouldn’t exactly call it a heavy duty cleanser, but it definitely felt like it effectively removed grime from my face without stripping the natural oils from it. In fact, it felt quite nourishing, so would be great for people who have slightly dry skin.

Next up is the Hydrating Mist Toner. As the name suggests, it is quite hydrating. I found that it left a slightly filmy feeling on the skin, which I wasn’t a massive fan of. I think this is because I already have quite oily skin and it felt like it wasn’t being absorbed very well because of this. Overall, though, I still liked it and think it is a nice product.

After the toner comes the Vital Moisturising Cream. This was very rich–too rich for my greasy skin. It did, however, work wonders on my scaly legs after I’d showered. It soaked right in and left my skin feeling soft and supple and no longer resembling a crocodile’s epidermis. So, this is definitely suited for dry skin and not oily skin.

The Ultra Hydrating Body Cream, I think, is my favourite. I love the way it makes my skin feel. The dry Winter weather wreaked some havoc on my arms, but this has worked a treat on them. I’ve been holding off finishing it because I want it to last just that little bit longer. It’s one of those nice body moisturisers that actually sinks in without leaving any residue. It does a fantastic job of hydrating your skin and the effect lasts for ages. This one will surely be a repurchase product.

Overall feelings about these Trilogy Travellers? I love the scent of all the products and like that it is a more “natural” brand. However, I think this particular range is probably better suited for someone with normal to dry skin as it is very moisturising. My rating from an oily girl’s perspective would be three and a half out of five happy faces.


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