New Hair

11 Aug

I got my hair cut last weekend. Now I am an owner of a fringe, which I didn’t necessarily ask for. People have complimented me on it, so it mustn’t look hideous.

The hairdressing salon that I’ve been going to for the past three years changed ownership recently. So, when I went in last Saturday I was feeling a little bit anxious about what I would find. Would my usual hairdresser still be there? Would they still ply me with coffee when I arrived? Would they still sell that Pravana shampoo that I like?

Well, my usual hairdresser was gone and they don’t sell Pravana shampoo anymore, but they still give you coffee. The biggest downers were that they’d raised the prices considerably and the atmosphere didn’t feel quite as friendly as it did before.

The new owner–a slightly terrifying Irish lady called Mary–cut my hair. After commenting on how fragile the ends of my hair seemed and instructing a girl to wash my hair with a particular type of shampoo because my hair was also greasy (yay!), she started to cut my hair. I was just brimming with confidence.

I only got a fringe cut back into my hair last haircut and it was sort of a side fringe but blended into the rest of the hair so it wasn’t really noticeable. As Mary was combing my fringe in preparation for cutting she said, “Do you have your fringe to the side or to the front?”. I replied, “to the side” thinking that she would just trim it like it had been before.


I watched as she just snipped all the blended bits off and cut in a front fringe. She started to blow dry it too, which I don’t know how to do myself. I thought to myself, how am I ever going to style this again? I only use a hairdryer to defrost the freezer.

She cut the rest of my hair too. She asked if I was happy with the length and if I just wanted a trim so that it was healthy. I said yes to both questions. My hair is now probably an inch shorter, so was my hair really unhealthy? I don’t know.

All of that being said, I am actually happy with my haircut. At first I was suspicious of people telling me that my fringe looked good. I thought perhaps they were trying to soften the blow and felt sorry for me. But, it turns out that I’m just paranoid. I’ve since become used to the fringe and think that it might actually suit my face shape. Maybe this Mary knew better than me about what would look good. It is highly likely.

I have also solved the styling problem. I know how to use a straightener and I have purchased some velcro rollers. After I wash my hair, I comb my fringe forward and put it in a large velcro roller and then leave my hair to air dry. Once it is almost dry, I spritz some heat protectant in it and then use the straightener to tame any stubborn kinks. So far it is working. I didn’t do this yesterday and I ended up with a hair horn on the side of my head thanks to my wayward waves.

When I get ready in the morning I stick my fringe into a velcro roller (or three) so that it doesn’t get mussed up while I wash my face and go through my morning ablutions. It adds a few minutes to my morning routine–by this I mean that I have to do more than shoving my hair in a ponytail even if I haven’t brushed it. Hair styling is not my thing, really.

Now I just have to find another brand of shampoo that I like just as much as Pravana. I’ve been using an XMA oatmeal and goats milk shampoo recently after my scalp got really, really dry and flaky (gross!). I like it, but probably not enough to repurchase it. Plus, I haven’t been using a conditioner lately but having been spritzing a leave in conditioner on my damp hair instead. So, any suggestions on good sulphate-free shampoos would be greatly appreciated.

I’m crossing my fingers that I can maintain this new hairstyle. I’m not sure how long I can remain enthusiastic about fringe upkeeping, but we’ll see. Sometimes change is a good thing.


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