Someone Stole My Shoe

4 Aug

You know how not so long ago I said that I’d had my run of “three bad things“? Well, something particularly crappy happened to me this week, and that’s not counting the fine notice I received on Monday for apparently not voting in an election that I definitely did vote in!

I went down to my car on Tuesday evening, as I usually do, to go to Trivia. That’s when I noticed that my spare tyre seemed to have magically appeared beside my car and then I saw the broken glass.

Some bastard had broken my back window, rifled through my car and stolen my GPS and ashtray full of coins. They had also apparently decided to take my spare tyre out of the boot and leave it beside my car. My car was parked in its designated spot in the undercroft of my apartment, which happens to be right near a bus stop. Um, surely someone would have seen this bizarre piece of action?

Long story short, my brother came round to check on me after I’d called him and burst into tears (oddly, sobering–always stops the tears when he sees me crying) and awkwardly stood around while I talked on the phone to the Police. After he left, I phoned my insurance company who informed me that my excess would be $695 (ouch) if I made a claim. They also told me that if the glass repairs were less, that I was better off withdrawing the claim and paying for the glass. If the Police find the thief, then I can claim on insurance and make them pay for it. As this seems mighty unlikely, I’m out of pocket either way.

The next day, I left work early so that the Police could come round and dust for fingerprints and the like. That turned out to be unsurprisingly fruitless. Fingerprints were a bust, but it was at least comforting that the two officers were just as mystified by the spare tyre thing as I was. They were very, very lovely. Then the window repair man came and fixed my window and even cleaned up all the broken glass from the inside of my car. He was also very, very lovely.

The bad bit about Wednesday was me discovering that the thief had decided to not only steal the container of oil from my boot but three shoes. Not three pairs of shoes–just three shoes. I wasn’t so upset about the one thong or the one slipper. It was the one shoe that was part of a pair that I’d only bought a fortnight ago and worn twice that really pissed me off. Bastard! Who steals one shoe? That’s just being an a**hole, in my opinion.

I thought things would improve on Thursday. I wasn’t feeling particularly sociable, but my cousin and I had arranged to go to a friend’s place to catch up and finally see her new house. We decided to take my car seeing as I had a full tank of petrol. After adjusting my seat numerous times to get it feeling almost back to normal, I got about 100 metres down the road when I felt the need to adjust my rear view mirror. Comical disaster struck–the whole thing came off in my hand.

Needless to say, we went back to my place and took my cousin’s car. We only got slightly lost on the way there sans GPS, so that was good. What wasn’t good was my phone going flat on the way back and then me stupidly leaving it in her car and not realising until she was already driving home.

So, I didn’t have my phone to use as an alarm clock the following morning. I tried to set my alarm on my computer, but that failed because I accidentally left the charger unplugged and my computer went flat too. I actually woke up an hour before my alarm would have gone off because I think subconsciously I was worried that I wouldn’t wake up in time for work. I was a bit slangry (sleepy + angry) on Friday.

Friday’s bad news was receiving my Rego renewal. That was just the icing on the cake. But, I did retrieve my phone so that was good.

Well, my father visited today and helped me glue my rear view mirror back onto my windscreen (read Dad fixed it and I did basically nothing). I now have an intact car again and this makes me happy.

I will say that here was some good mixed in with the bad this week. I’ve been surprised at the number of people who have offered to help me after the break in and I am grateful for that. I’m also really thankful to the Police for coming out to investigate what I would consider to be a really small-fry kind of crime, upsetting as it was. I’m glad my Dad knew that I wouldn’t be able to stick my mirror back on by myself (despite my initial wounded protestations) and came to fix it for me. And I’m grateful for my sister who let me borrow her car over the past two days because I’ve been too paranoid to drive my own without my mirror attached.

So now hopefully all the bad things won’t happen to me again for a while. I feel as though I’ve had a little more than my fair share of late. If you’ve been having a rough time lately, I’m sending my sympathy vibes your way.

Things can only get better from here, right? Right.


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