A review: Biotherm Skinergetic Serum

30 Jul

There has to be something said for internet advertising, because I think I’d been bombarded with so many adverts for Biotherm that it started to pique my interest. Biotherm is, I believe, a skincare brand that claims to harness the powerful properties of natural ingredients and combines it with science. Honestly, I haven’t looked into it that much but that’s my guess.

As I have insanely oily skin, I wasn’t particularly interested in trying any of the moisturisers. Rather, I was more interested in trying a serum, which focuses on hydration rather than moisture. That kind of makes sense, right? Enter the Biotherm Skinergetic Serum.

Anyway, I ordered this serum from strawberrynet, so it was just slightly cheaper than what it should have been if I bought it directly from Biotherm or in Myer.

When I first opened the box I was a bit mystified by the instructions. At first it looked like they started at number three, but then I found the first two printed on a different part of the box. Also, the leaflet that comes with the product doesn’t quite say the same thing as what’s on the box. Is it 97 or 99% organic? I’m still not sure and it probably really shouldn’t matter anyway.

When you first get it, you have to “activate” it yourself by adding what I assume is some kind of broccoli powder into the serum and mix it up. It had a three month expiry after you do this, because of its natural… er… nature. I wasn’t sure that I’d activated it correctly because the powder was in a tiny ball that just sort of plopped into the bottle and didn’t look as though it was going to mix in well at all. As I mentioned before, the instructions were a little unclear. I wasn’t particularly worried though because, even without the “special ingredient”, I was sure it was still going to be nice to use. The smell did strongly remind me of what hairdressers used to smell like when I was younger–kind of fruity mixed with something slightly chemical. That is possibly not a normal memory though.

It initially took me a while to figure out that a little goes a long way. You probably only need about half of a five cent piece (the size of your pinky nail?) to cover your whole face and I would use it straight after washing my face. It made my skin feel super smooth and a little matte, which is unusual because I have such oily skin. This could be because I think there is a fairly high percentage of some kind of alcohol in the ingredients (slight downer there).

Only a few days after I’d started using it, a friend came to visit me. One of the first things she said to me was, “your skin looks so smooth!”. I don’t know if I’ve ever had someone say that to me before. Ever since my skin went absolutely crazy a couple of years back, it’s never been completely free of congestion. I mean, it’s mostly clear and I don’t have huge pimples anymore, but it’s still very bumpy across the cheeks. So, someone telling me that my face looked smooth was quite the unexpected compliment.

Two months later, I finished the bottle as best as I could. There’s always some pesky remnants that never come out of those dropper kind of bottles, unless you decide to discard the dropper and shake the bottle like a maniac to get some out onto your hand.

Uh, where was I? Oh yeah, the results.

So, did I see a marked improvement in my skin after two months? Mmm sort of. Don’t get me wrong–I did get that compliment a few days after I’d used it, and it did make my skin feel much smoother for a while. It had that interesting fruity smell. It was a pleasure to use and it’s supposed to be a more “natural” product. But, I just don’t know if it was actually worth the amount of money I paid for it. It was somewhere in the vicinity of $60–a bit steep, really.

I realised after I’d been using it for about six weeks that I was really just missing my MooGoo Acne Cleansing Cream (under $20). I re-purchased that and, in conjunction with the serum, my complexion was looking even better. I think my skin just suits the MooGoo products more.

I think if you have oily skin like me and you’re looking for a higher end product, then I wouldn’t stop you from giving it a go. It’s a good all-rounder product. I’m just of the opinion that you can find just as nice products that may, in fact, work better for you that are not as expensive.

Rating out of ten? Hmm, I’d give it a seven.


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