Friday Fuzzy

6 Jul

Fact: This week has been a bit crap.

It has been seriously cold this week and I have not been coping with the minimal temperatures at all. Add many frustrating issues with technology to that and you have one grizzly Sarah.

So, because I am feeling grumpy, I thought I would choose to look for the silver lining and have found these fuzzy things that I am grateful for this week.

Because the weather has become frightfully cold (in my opinion), I have finally broken out my big, blue jacket. It’s a bit out there compared to most other things I wear–it’s a bright royal blue–and even just looking at it makes me feel a bit happier. It’s a happy colour and it is toasty warm and a flattering design.

Speaking of warm things, I have been particularly attached to my new scarves that I mentioned in my things I have been loving lately post. They’re just so soft and inviting and so very, very comforting. They’re kind of like a hug in material form.

Thirdly, I feel as though I connected better with a “newish” friend this week and reconnected with a friend I haven’t seen for a while. I spend a lot of time doubting myself socially and thinking I’m annoying people if I try to initiate conversation or try to meet up. So, it was a nice surprise when this new friend initiated things and seemed genuinely interested in what was going on with me.
My old friend that I haven’t seen in a while brightened up my day today when we met up for lunch. I like to catch up and laugh about stupid, crazy things.

Lastly, I’ve been looking through some of my Europe and Thailand photos this week, thinking back on all the fun adventures I had and not so secretly wishing I was on some crazy trip right now.

This photo of a much more tanned and warm me was taken outside of the Louvre in Paris.

Even though I really wish I was somewhere warm right now, looking at these photos reminds me that I’ve had some excellent travel adventures and the future holds more.

Now that I’m cheered up somewhat, I’m going to head to bed with my little heated wheat pack (I can’t find my hot water bottle) and snuggle up for sleep.

Happy Friday, friends.


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