Bear Update: The Birthday

3 Jul

Yes, I know I have neglected this once again. I would say that I have a valid excuse, but that would be a lie. Time just gets away from me sometimes.

Friends, I celebrated my twenty-fourth birthday last week. Yes, I’m now in my mid-twenties and am an adult for real. Because I feel like I haven’t done anything particularly noteworthy with my life–get a degree from Uni, get married, live somewhere exotic for an extended period of time as an adult–I decided this year that I would congratulate myself on the fact that I am a functioning member of society. I work full-time, live by myself, pay my bills and can cook for myself. Heck yes for being functional!

To celebrate, my sister and I spent the weekend in Byron Bay. It was basically a weekend of lazing around reading and then choosing somewhere to eat next and the occasional walk on the beach. Ah, such bliss.

Like an idiot, I forgot to bring my camera. But, I took this photo on my phone so you can see what amazing weather we had and what a spectacular view you can get on the beach.

I also had two dinners–one with family the night before and then the other with some random friends on my actual birthday. My new supervisor at work made me a cake too and bought me a present, which was so lovely. In fact, I have loved all my presents this year. My personal favourite were some novelty pyjamas given to my from my brother and his wife (and two kidlets).

All in all it was a very pleasant birthday. It was a marked improvement on my previous two where I predominantly wanted to cry and/or punch someone in the face the entire day… I wasn’t in a good place either of those two years. But all is good now.

I don’t feel any different. I don’t know why I expect to feel any different year to year. For some reason maybe I expect that once the clock ticks over that I will suddenly become really wise or something. Who knows?

And who knows what my twenty-fifth year of living will bring? I don’t know, but I’m actually looking forward to it.

Bring it on.


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