A review: Eyebrow Threading

28 May

I think I’ve finally, finally managed to get some sort of control over my eyebrows. Or at least I’ve found a lady who can tame them for me.

I have pretty unruly hair and brows, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned on a number of occasions. I’ve struggled with my brows particularly for a long, long time. It wasn’t that long ago that I used to pluck my eyebrows everyday, hunched over one of those magnifier mirrors that no one should ever use. That evil mirror has been lost somewhere in the abyss of my apartment and I actually don’t miss it.

I don’t even remember where or how I first heard about eyebrow threading, but I know I’d been interested for a while. For those of you who don’t know, threading is a form of epilation where you use cotton thread. I would try to explain it, but a search on YouTube for “how to eyebrow threading” would be far clearer. Trying to put in words how a cotton thread is somehow wound around fingers and then used to pull out hair just isn’t easy.

I had a series of bad eyebrow waxing experiences over the past couple of years–you know, when you end up with two completely differently shaped brows and the knowledge that you’re stuck with them for the next few weeks–so I started to think that it was worth a try. I still didn’t really know what was involved, but I thought that my brows probably couldn’t get any worse. Besides, I’d heard that it was better than waxing because it is more precise.

So, my cousin had told me about a lady who did eyebrow threading at the markets that we now frequent most Sundays. For weeks we never saw her, but one week she magically appeared. This excited me because I’m pretty sure my brows were in pretty bad shape… err literally. We sat down and I experienced threading for the first time.

It is a tad painful, just so you know. Is ripping hair from your skin ever not painful? You help by pulling your skin taut as she guides the cotton thread around, back and forth, making precise lines here and there. You can literally hear and feel each hair being pulled out. It’s quite bizarre, but also oddly satisfying.

I got mine done again last week and I was really excited because I’d been letting them run wild for a few weeks. You see, I defected about a month ago out of desperation and got my brows waxed again. What happened was I ended up with brows that were two different lengths and just not quite right. Lesson learnt–the market lady would fix them for me.

So here is a before shot (try not to recoil in horror):

And here is the after:

Oh, by the way, I’ve discovered that it is extremely difficult trying to take close up photographs of your own face.

This lady at the markets only charges $9 to fix your brows, and I trust her completely. I’ve tried to maintain them on my own and failed–it is too difficult. I’ve had bad waxing experiences too. For me, threading is the best option and this lady is a pro. However, as with most things, you have to try it for yourself to determine whether it’s for you or not. Some people have spectacular eye framers already with no help and some people can find waxers that do an excellent job. There is also the possibility that there will be threaders who are terrible at their job. The moral is you just have to try and see for yourself.

I did and I love it.


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