The Bear’s Rare Hair Post

19 May

I am by no means a hair expert. It is questionable whether I even brush my hair everyday. As I only have about fifty strands of unruly wavy hair, I don’t really see the point. Seriously, my ponytail is embarrassingly thin. There isn’t much hair on my head but it is very enthusiastic. I rarely ever style it or do anything with it at all.

Exhibit A:

Me with one of my favourite kitties

The last time I went to the hairdresser, our conversation went like this:
HD: “What products do you use in your hair?”
Me: “Uh shampoo, conditioner and occasionally some spray thing that the last hairdresser recommended.”
HD: “And how do you style your hair?”
Me: “I put it in a ponytail and sometimes wear it down.”

I had a different hairdresser from usual the last time I went. The previous one must have disappeared suddenly because I rocked up for my usual appointment and she wasn’t there anymore. I’d been seeing her for the past year and the one I’d been seeing the year previously also left suddenly, albeit for health reasons. They both used to get excited when I came in for my appointments; my hair always in a disgusting, greasy state because I knew they’d fix it for me. I’m pretty sure this new hairdresser will be the same as the last two.

Lately my hair has been behaving more badly than usual. It feels dry and coarse, and hasn’t been as wavy as usual. I think the change in weather has had a lot to do with it–even my skin has been getting scaly. The other reason for my crappy hair is probably also the shampoo I’ve been using. It’s the Organix Coconut Milk range. I don’t have a problem with the brand, but maybe the coconut milk range wasn’t the right choice for my hair type.

I knew when I used it the first time that it wasn’t going to be my favourite ever shampoo. When I wash my hair, it feels squeaky clean. Hair should never feel squeaky clean. That means that the hair has been stripped of all the natural oils and will probably panic and try to produce more oil, or just become crunchy and dry, or both.

So I’ve been putting up with the shampoo because I paid for it, dammit, and I need to use up products I buy so as not to be wasteful. But I don’t think it has done my hair any favours. I’m going to return the the brand Pravana, which my hair salon sells and was recommended by my previous hairdresser. I’d been using it prior to Organix and was really impressed with it.

Well, my next hair appointment is next week and I’m already getting excited. Part of me is toying with the idea of hacking all of it off again, like I did a few years back. However, then I would probably decide I actually liked my long hair after all, which took me three years to grow back anyway. Life is hard for such a fickle person as me.

Maybe in lieu of a drastic change I will get my “sort of” side fringe cut in again. You know, where they sort of blend an eyebrow-ish length fringe into the rest of the hair framing your face? I have a ridiculous hairline thanks to stupid baby hairs that never grow beyond about two inches. Depending how I pull my hair back, I sometimes look as though I have a receding hairline starting at the temples. So a fringe, even if it is a slight one, tends to improve the general look.

Here’s to hoping that I survive another week with my crunchy hair. I’m going to finish off the dregs of my shampoo and conditioner and then repurchase my favourite one when I get my hair cut. This sounds like an excellent plan to me. Maybe I will let you see what the result is afterwards?


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