A review: DIY Deodorant

30 Apr

Some weeks back I made a post about making my own deodorant after a traumatic experience at work. The crystal deodorant I’d used that day had somehow managed to make a common problem about a thousand times worse and it made me want to cry. Seriously.

That evening, I made my own deodorant from a recipe sent to me from my mother.

This stuff is easy and cheap to make. Technically it only has three ingredients, but if you want it to smell nice, then you can add some essential oils of your own liking. When I made it, I added peppermint essential oil because it was basically the only stuff I had lying around and, conveniently, is a smell I’m quite partial to.

It’s been almost two months since I made that deodorant and I’ve been pretty impressed. I had a few not-so-great days, but nothing compared to the disaster of that crystal deodorant. Here’s a breakdown of my findings.

Firstly, I never quite got used to the texture or the application of the deodorant. It’s… well… kind of chunky and sometimes I’d put it on and about two minutes later little chunks were trying to escape my armpits. I didn’t know whether I was putting too little or too much on or whether it was supposed to be warmer. Maybe that was only my issue and other people wouldn’t have the same problem.

Next, its consistency became a lot drier and slightly less effective the older it got. I think because I was constantly touching it, the coconut oil was coming off on my hands more, making the mixture drier. This was an easy fix though because all I had to do was put in a little more coconut oil, mix it in a bit and it was restored to its former glory.

Lastly, I noticed that because this recipe has coconut oil in it and because coconut oil is solid or liquid depending on temperature, the colder months pose a bit of a usability problem. The deodorant became a lot harder as soon as the temperature dropped here, so it was more difficult to use. I think this would be better or easier to use in the warmer months when it is more malleable.

I kind of gave up when it got too hard texture-wise to use. I bought another bottle of MooGoo deodorant about two weeks ago and having been using that instead. It is still the best natural deodorant I’ve tried so far, but I still have days where I don’t feel exactly… fresh.

Here’s the thing. I just want a deodorant that will work. I don’t mind sweating–that’s natural. What I do mind is feeling as though I can’t move freely in case I offend someone with my body odour. Perhaps I’m just acutely aware or even overly sensitive of how I smell, but I think that would be better than being incredibly stinky and having no idea. Seriously, how can people not realise how bad they smell?

Um anyway. I’m not after something fancy. I just want something simple that works. Any ideas?


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