A review: Naturallogic

16 Apr

I sometimes spend ages online on Etsy looking at all sorts of wonderful things like beautiful dress designs, crockery for my imaginary house I’ll probably never own, soy candles I’d like to try and natural cosmetics and skincare. I really can’t remember what led me to try Naturallogic in the first place but it was probably my usual intrigue–often something piques my interest and I feel the need to try it.

The list of products I’ve tried from Naturallogic has become quite extensive over the past eighteen months. I believe I first tried the skin balancing oil, a blemish oil, a pumpkin glycolic peel and a mint sugar scrub. Since then I’ve tried two of the serums, and the skin balance facial oil, a sea enzyme cleanser, a cleansing facial scrub, a fruit enzyme cleansing gel and a mud mask. I did also once buy a cooling toner but the cat I was looking after last year knocked it off the bathroom basin and smashed it before I got the chance to even try it.

I was pretty angry with the cat that day, actually.

Today I’m going to tell you about just a few of their products, my favourite being the Balance Facial Toner.

I’m pretty sure I’ve been using my bottle of this toner since July or August last year and it’s only now just finished. I’ve been using it once a day in the mornings, spritzing it all over my face in about five sprays after cleansing my face. After spritzing, I pat it into my skin before applying moisturiser and all that other good stuff before going about my day. Easy.

I sometimes think that a toner is a bit of a pointless step in the whole skincare regime, but some people say it’s important to balance the pH of your skin or something like that. Toners can be downright crap if they contain alcohol, which is very drying and ends up being detrimental for your skin. So, if you’re in the market for a toner, keep an eye out for the ingredients list and make sure it doesn’t contain anything that will strip the natural oils from your face. This one doesn’t have anything nasty in it and has a very pleasant, natural smell.

I guess you could say that my skin is more ‘balanced’ since using it, seeing as my skin hasn’t been acting out the way it used to. My skin is still definitely oily, but I’ve come to accept this. There are often times when I have found that if my face is a bit angry after I’ve been scratching or picking at it (I know I shouldn’t), that I can spritz this on my face and it calms down again. It’s an all round good product, in my opinion.

Next, an honorable mention goes to the Dead Sea Complex Mud Masque. I’ve repurchased this one and am considering repurchasing it again. I’m generally a fan of mud or clay masks because I feel like they clarify my skin and draw out a lot of the impurities, aka crap, beneath the surface. This mask has never made my skin angry or dry and my face always feels fresh and clean after using it. This one is especially good for when your skin is feeling a bit rebellious, probably no thanks to hormones or that rather large amount of sugar “we” ate a few days ago.

A slightly dishonorable mention goes to the Moroccan Mint Vanilla Sugar Slough. I’ll come right out and say that I had an allergic reaction to this scrub, which I think I’ve mentioned in a blog months ago. At least that’s what I assume it was. For a while, I couldn’t actually figure what was wrong. I got a rash, like a heat rash, all over my shoulders and back, and it was only after using the sugar scrub one evening that I realised it was worse.

I had just been on two rounds of antibiotics for what actually turned out to be a non-existent sinus infection. I think my immune system had gone a bit psycho and perhaps I had been using it too frequently and vigorously for such an abrasive product. I ended up donating it to my sister who didn’t appear to have any adverse reaction to it at all. It smelled amazing. Edible, even.

The lady who owns the business always writes lovely little notes and includes a couple of samples with every package. If anything wrong happens like a delivery takes a long time because of supplier issues or she accidentally sends the wrong size (it’s only happened once) she will graciously amend her error and often gives you a discount.

It seems like she has expanded her inventory somewhat since I last made a purchase, so I might just go have a look at what else I can possibly try. You should too. Find Naturallogic here.


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