Easter Weekend

9 Apr

Right now I’m sitting on my unmade bed at home feeling very unmotivated. It’s been a very big weekend this Easter.

I’ve spent the Easter weekend in Warwick with family to celebrate my nanna’s 90th birthday. There’s been so much cooking and laughing going on–I’m exhausted.

It’s kind of strange. A lot of my family are pretty quiet people until you get to know them well, including me. But once we’re comfortable, try stop us talking. What happens when you gather three generations’ worth of family together? It is LOUD. People talk over the top of each other, have different, competing conversations and laugh as as loud as possible.

But they’re fun and I still love them.

Back to the reason for this weekend’s celebration (apart from Easter). My nanna turned 90 yesterday and, for an old bird, she’s doing pretty well. Both she and my poppy are 90 now, living in a retirement village and they’re probably more social than I am.

I love both my grandparents. Poppy is one of those stoic, quiet gentlemen who are really big softies inside. Nanna isn’t so quiet. She’s often speaks whatever she’s thinking, whether it’s complimentary or not and has some outrageous pronunciations for words.

I hope that she enjoyed herself yesterday.

I’ve only got one photo of my nanna to share. She would only be a bit older than what I am now in this photo. I sneakily saved it whilst transferring files between my aunt and sister, so thanks to them for letting me take it.

She was a beautiful woman, don’t you think?


One Response to “Easter Weekend”

  1. amber 10/04/2012 at 6:20 pm #

    Mais oui!

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