This Week

7 Mar

Three things arrived this past week–two cleansers that I bought off Ebay, and an unwelcome head cold.

Because of the cold I took the day off work today, so as to save my co-workers from my grizzling and me potentially being tempted to stuff a tissue up both of my nostrils. It’s not socially acceptable to do that in public, even if it is a tissue saver. I will hazard a guess that no one really wants to hear about that though.

Back to the cleansers. The first one to arrive was REN’s No.1 Purity Cleansing Balm late last week and the second one was Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Polish.

Initial thoughts? The first two or three times I used the REN cleanser, it was a bit runny like it hadn’t been mixed in with the rest of the ingredients properly. I think that might have just been because it spent some time in postage because it’s fine now. It’s kind of a peculiar experience to use something that feels balmy or oily on your skin, particularly when you have oily skin already. However, it’s more a luxurious kind of product in a way and so far it hasn’t left my skin feeling greasy at all, but rather plump and moisturised.

The Liz Earle cleanser arrived yesterday and I’ve only used it three times. For some reason (sickness?) I thought that the cleanser would be a pale aqua colour like its packaging and I was mildly surprised when I first squeezed some onto my hand. The cream is actually white, but that has nothing to do with how it works… It feels creamy and smells, from what I can smell with a blocked nose, quite a bit like eucalyptus and leaves your skin feeling fresh and definitely clean. I like it so far.

My skin, though not angry at the moment, is being just a little bit rebellious. I don’t know for sure if that’s a by product of being a bit unhealthy lately or because the cleansers, in the few days that I’ve been using them, are starting to bring all the gunk to the surface… Should I be using them separately or together? Meh, I don’t know.

So, once I’ve used both of these cleansers for a few weeks, I’ll let you know what my verdict is. REN and Liz Earle seem to get a lot of good attention overseas and on YouTube so I want to see what all the hype is about. Although, it’s not exactly available in Australia and I don’t think either of them post to Australia from their websites. I found these on Ebay after a bit of online searching.

Actually, that reminds me. What’s the go with skincare and cosmetics costing so much in Australia? I often complain about this to my sister. Pick a brand from Europe or the USA and then choose a product. Now, pretty much double that price and you have the amount you would pay just because you live in Australia. I think it’s ridiculous.

I will rant more about that on another occasion. For now, I think I should take some more cold medication and head to bed. That would be the sensible thing to do…


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