Mini Review/Preview: Trilogy Travellers

27 Feb

On the weekend I needed to get some cash in order to go to the markets on Sunday. So, on Saturday afternoon I went on a very circuitous journey to my preferred local store and eventually managed to find a park. I don’t know if there was something special going on on Saturday or if it’s because they’ve closed the bottom level car park, but it was almost impossible to find a park and there were people everywhere.

I thought that seeing as I’d spent so much time just to get some cash out of my own bank’s atm (seriously), I might as well have a quick wander to the Priceline store. It was having a closing down sale and 20% off seemed like a good idea at the time.

I went inside and stared blankly at the nearly bare shelves, keeping an eye out for more natural products like Burt’s Bees or Puretopia. I found a little travellers set from Trilogy and was instantly drawn to it… and consequently bought it.

I’ve been using Trilogy’s Rosehip Oil since before Christmas and am a big fan. It’s one of those good all-rounder products that does wonders for your skin. I also bought my sister-in-law a set for Christmas that included the oil, a creamy cleanser and a face cream. I hope she liked it.

So anyway, because I like the Rosehip oil and the set looked really cute, I went ahead with it. I know that it will be perfect if ever I’m going for a weekend visit home to the parentals or, less likely, a mini weekend holiday. I can take this little set and not the cumbersome lot of containers that I have at the moment.

This teeny set contains a cutesy little calico bag with a bonus compliment printed on it. Shucks!

Inside the bag you will find a gentle facial exfoliant, cream cleanser, hydrating mist toner, vital moisturising cream and ultra hydrating body cream. I’m especially looking forward to trying the toner and the cream cleanser. They all smell quite herbal, which I actually like. At least you can identify that it’s some kind of planty smell.

I actually think this set would be fantastic if you were going on a plane trip somewhere. Everyone knows that sitting in a plane is like sitting in the middle of the desert. The air saps moisture right out of your skin… and your eyes. These are the perfect size for taking in your carry on luggage. A spritz here, some lotion there. Mm yes, the more I think about it the more I like the idea.

Once I actually try these out I’ll let you know how I rate them. If the Rosehip oil is anything to go by, then these should be great.


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