Random Update

20 Feb

I’ve been a bit off the radar the past few weeks or so. I haven’t exactly had anything noteworthy to write about. So, I thought I’d give you a bits-and-pieces kind of update.

Current tv addiction: White Collar. I have successfully watched three seasons in roughly two weeks. Now I’m incredibly depressed because I know there really isn’t such a guy as Neal Caffrey out there. And, even if he did exist, he wouldn’t be hanging around with someone as boring as me.

Current annoyance: Having an Australian address. I actually like living in Australia but, unless you want to pledge your first born or part with a limb, it’s virtually impossible to get some American and European products in Australia. I was looking at Tarte Cosmetics online and got as far as the checkout before I discovered that they don’t post to Australia. The only supplier I could find in Australia charges a whopping $52 for just an eyeliner. No thank you! Other things I’ve had difficulty with lately are looking for Liz Earle, REN and a greener version of Glossy Box that will post to Australia. It doesn’t exist. SO FRUSTRATING.

Currently loving: Anything coconut. I have purchased myself a great big jar of coconut oil. I use it on my skin, in my hair and in cooking. It’s a hugely versatile product. I highly recommend it. Sometime, when I get the motivation, I will write a better post about it. Also, coconut water. I snuck a few sips of my cousin’s green coconut juice at the markets on Sunday. Usually, however, I buy Pandaroo’s coconut water from my local Woolworths.

Odd thing to happen recently: A client asked me if he should “perhaps buy me a cup of coffee” over the counter at work. This was after he asked me if I was Australian and then told me I didn’t look or sound Australian. Um, thanks? I politely refused.

Currently thinking: I should probably ditch a few things I have in my makeup drawer. I have an ever so slight hoarding problem. I mean, I even have trouble chucking out old undies sometimes. So I’m thinking I need to chuck out one blush and a couple of eyeliners.

Currently craving: Either a cup of tea or a smoothie. Something liquidy anyway.

OK, I promise that soon I will try to be more regular with my posts. I just need to find some inspiration… And my camera–I have no idea where that got to.

Now, I think I might make myself a banana smoothie. Until next time!


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