Why I don’t love Valentine’s Day

15 Jan

February 14 is fast approaching us and I have already seen a few pink themed emails pop up in my inbox this early in the year.

I tend to look towards this date with less than a little enthusiasm, as I’m sure plenty of other Single Pringles do. I think most of us don’t like to be reminded of our lonely status on such a grand scale. Don’t get me wrong, 95% of the time I am really very happy to be by myself. I just don’t like it rubbed in my face.

I don’t have very good high school memories of Valentine’s Day. Rewind back to year nine where a friend asked me to give him a Valentine’s card, which I did and got teased for it by his father. I also wrote two other notes that year. One I tried to give to a guy but he refused it to my face. With that, I was too chicken to give the third one away. Amusingly, the last two were brothers. Unamusingly, the one who refused it appeared to hate me for all of high school for some inexplicable reason. That kind of sucks for the girl who is really shy but just wants people to like her. The following year I sent a rose anonymously to the second brother. It turns out these days that he’s apparently “bi-sexual”. Sheesh Sarah, you sure know how to pick them.

The only Valentine I ever received in high school was a rose from a female friend and I think she sent them to a few people. I still appreciated it though.

Ha, thanks xkcd. Always speaks to my sense of humour.

Since high school I have a pretty blurred memory of Valentine’s. It appears nothing noteworthy has happened apart from the occasional generic message from a guy who sent it to all his female friends so I didn’t even feel a little bit special.

If I’m honest, at least half the problem is that I’m still too afraid to expose my vulnerability to a fella and say, “Hey, will you be my Valentine?”. I am super scared of rejection.

So, if you’re like me and you’re assuming you’re going to be on your lonesome again this year, how about doing this? Meet up with your fellow single girl (or guy) friends like I do at someone’s house for dinner or dessert or even a hot drink. We get together and cheer each other up because we don’t have to be miserable. We are still spending time with people who are very special to us, just the way it should be.

That’s what I love.


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